5 Ways to Decorate and Fit a Salon to Attract More Customers

If you are a pro at using shears and razors and still you’re not generating much of the business that would make your bank account sing, then it is evident, you’re missing out on some major things.

However, what could be those things?

Well, nothing but the way your shop looks. There are certain things that you can add to your shop, and whoever passes through the shop will be attracted towards this. It’s all about playing with the psychology of the people.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 things that you can add to your barbershop, and customers will automatically get attracted to you. Let’s dive in!

1. Use Glassdoor to Give First Inside Impetration for Outsiders

With the help of glass doors, you can provide an inside look at your shop to the people passing by. Doing so will not only be providing an inside look of your shop, but it will also be reflecting a sophisticated yet classy look.

However, no one can grow if he/she isn’t aware of the industry. The preferences of the people should be kept in mind—people like brighter places, especially places where they will be getting their services done.

By installing a full length mirror in a transparent form as your door, you will be allowing a considerable amount of light, which will be brightening up the whole room. It also makes the artificial light look better, thus creating an enjoyable environment.

2. LED Lighting for Highlighting your Barber Interior Décor elegantly


Having a well-lit shop is very important.

Dim lights will make the shop look poor. Everything is livelier with more lighting. If we try to see things in red light, everything will seem extraordinary.

So, it is vital to never miss-on getting the perfect LED-lighting. LED lights don’t just give the room perfect lighting, but it also highlights your barber interior décor. Some things that you should know about LED lights:

You should install LED lights at those places that would be used the most.

You should opt for lumens and not watts.

There are numerous colors available when it comes to LED lights, choose the one that matches your interior best.

To make the LED lights more interesting, you can match the bulb with the fixture.

Make sure you’re selecting the right bulbs for dimmers.

3. Full Length Mirrors that Show a Complete Image of Your Clients

While talking about the top 5 essential things that every barbershop must-have, we can’t miss on the most vital part, i.e., a full length mirror.

These mirrors are counted among the necessary decorative things. These are not just used for decoration purposes, but they also give your customers a full view of themselves.

Apart from being a decorative accessory, a full length mirror is highly functional when it comes to barbershops. The professional vanity floor length mirror are sure to enhance the beauty of your shop. So, don’t forget to add this most crucial part of your salon for attracting more customers!

4. Most Comfortable Barber Chair


Nothing else will leave your customers with a thought of “a comfortable experience” than a comfy barber chair. You should make your client feel like a king by providing him/her with a comfortable throne.

By giving your clients the comfort that they deserve, it will make them want for more. The chair that you will be getting for your customers should have a high-density cushion, footrest, and good lumbar support.

Well, you have to think about yourself too. As a barber, you have to do a lot of physical work, and it can make you tired really soon. So, make sure to get a chair that is hydraulic.

The chairs that you choose should be easy to be cleaned so you will have more time to focus on other things than just cleaning.

5. Sofas & Table for Waiting Clients

The waiting room of any place speaks a lot about it. Your furniture is the very first thing that will get noticed by your customers. Comfortable sofas and coffee tables give the waiting area a more vibrant look.

Customer’s time is precious, and it should be valued by providing him/her with a nice place to wait. If you fail to give an attractive sight when your customer gets to wait for the availability of your services, then there’s a probability that he/she will not get that first impression and will get a bad thought about the services too.

So, it is as important as the services, to provide the customers with a nice, comfy waiting room.

In a Nutshell

Certain things are vital for attracting the customers apart from the expertise, and when you’re running a shop, you have to take care of that, whether it is the lights of the shop or be it full length mirrors.

Now you got your hands on the top 5 essential things that must be included in a barbershop.

Don’t forget to add all of them to your shop to attract more customers.

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