8 Compelling Reasons to Have a Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash seems to be the new trend. Walk into any modern kitchen, and you’re likely to see a backsplash.

A kitchen backsplash is almost a must-have for every home, especially if you want your kitchen to look as good as those you secretly ogle on Instagram.

The backsplash is also a most practical choice to keep your kitchen looking classy, organized, and stunning.

With the backsplash, you can keep your kitchen as clean as you have always wanted it to be while protecting your wallpaper and walls from those slashes from your pot as you cook.

One beautiful thing about the backsplash is that the backsplash comes in different colors, materials, and finishes.

Imagine the designer look your kitchen will have when it’s fitted with a pink glass backsplash. Suppose the pink glass backsplash doesn’t float your boat.

In that case, there are several other options to pick from, for example, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, metal tiles, natural stone tiles, and mixed elements (e.g., antique metals and natural stone).

Why do you need the backsplash?

Personify your Space

Using a backsplash in your kitchen makes a bold statement about who you are. Ceramic, wood, marble, and mosaics can make your kitchen look friendlier and communicates that you might be a nice person.

Antique stone might communicate that you are classy and have very high standards, while metal might tell the world that you’re tough and different.

With the right kind of backsplash, your kitchen will finally have that thing you have always noticed it lacks; a stamp of your identity.

Protect your Walls

Cooking is sometimes a messy process with overflowing pots, stained hands on walls, liquid splashes on the walls, spills, and what have you.

This mess can easily spill over and affect your kitchen walls, making them look messy.

A terrible fate that can also befall your kitchen wall is the growth of mold in those places that are constantly in contact with water (shivers). Backsplashes protect you totally from such fates.

They seal your walls off from moisture and stains, and you keep your kitchen walls as pristine as the first day.

Easy to Clean

Backsplashes are especially easy to clean. Remember that accidental spill of ketchup on the wall? Well, you can smile and wipe it off with absolute ease on your backsplash.

I know you work hard to keep your kitchen clean, and it’s your pride that you can always keep it as clean as possible.

I know you also don’t like the stress you go through while cleaning the unnecessary spots and stains.

Get your backsplash so your cleaning will get easier. No need for paint or ugly traditional wallpaper; a backsplash is what you need. A backsplash is not affected by moisture, water, or grease.

You can easily clean any spill on your backsplash, and it will look as good as new!  If you are concerned about your kitchen’s cleanliness, adding a backsplash to the kitchen is a “must-do” for you.

Maintenance and Appearance

A backsplash is just way easier to maintain than a regular wall or wallpaper. Some backsplashes are resistant to bacteria and mould. Others are non-porous and will not let water through.

Others still are resistant to heat. They are sure easy to clean, and they look so good, and they give your kitchen a look it was always supposed to have.

Beauty and Sophistication

It can’t be overstated if you want your kitchen to look good, classy, and sophisticated, and you need a backsplash.

Having a backsplash will instantly transform your kitchen into somewhere you want to show off to all your friends. Lucky for you, the backsplash is affordable, and you will not have to break the bank to get it installed in your kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Organized

An organized kitchen gives a feeling that cannot easily be described with words. A backsplash will make your kitchen more organized.

It will make everything look to be just in the right place.

Make Your Kitchen Stylish

The backsplash adds extra style and decoration to your kitchen. As was said earlier, you can customize your backsplash to your tastes and personality.

This is not limited only to the material of the backsplash. You can pick colors that match a decoration scheme.

If you’re going for the stylish look, a backsplash made of ancient stone or ceramic mosaics might pass your message much more strongly.

It is one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look stylish. For a stylish look, read more here.

Boost Resale Value

When a potential buyer sees a backsplash in your house, it instantly telegraphs to him or her that you have taken good care of the house.

This would justify a higher asking price in the mind of your potential buyer. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house, and every buyer will love a kitchen that stands out.

With a backsplash, your kitchen will have all the advantages discussed earlier and feel luxurious and sophisticated.

Types of Backsplashes

types of backsplash

The tile backsplash is the most common type of backsplash. There are different tile types: subway tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles, penny tiles, and so on.

Tile backsplashes can be very affordable or high-end, depending on the material and other factors.

The pattern that tile backsplash is installed in, not just the material or the color, can also change your kitchen’s look. Love the look of white subway tile?

Try mixing it up by arranging the tiles in a herringbone pattern or vertically instead of horizontally! Want your kitchen backsplash to be unique?

Look out for some custom handmade tiles to make your kitchen truly one of a kind.


After tiles, the next most popular backsplash option is stone. Types of stone backsplash include Granite, quartz, and marble.

For a high-end look custom look, you could use a stone slab up the back wall of your kitchen. You could also use a stone backsplash slightly higher than the countertop, leaving the rest of the wall bare.


The wooden backsplash is also becoming quite popular. With the appropriate sealing, wood can be a great addition to any kitchen.

Other backsplash Materials

Other backsplash materials include metallic, mirror, industrial steel, and LED lights.

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