Your Guide to Transforming Your Balcony to a Beautiful Space

Our balconies are often underused and unloved. They hang from the side of our houses like this sort of forgotten, never quite reaching their full potential.

If you think that balconies aren’t really capable of all that much then you’re blind to the truly romantic potential of these structures.

After all, Romeo and Juliet fell in love on a balcony in Verona, the French have been curating an image of romance and sophistication from behind their wrought-iron balconies for centuries, the white-washed Greecian balconies with the climbing bougainvillea that have made Santorini a famous and enviable tourist destination.

If after reading that you thought about your own balcony and how it paled in comparison to the romantic, European balconies then you might want to think about revamping your own.

Take inspiration from these romantic balcony ideas.

Think about all the renovation shows that populate our airwaves Better Homes and Gardens, Backyard Blitz, Grand Designs, we love shows that take something that might not look like much and turn it into something beautiful, livable and architecturally impressive.

Here are three simple steps you can follow to begin to redesign your space!

Get Balcony Furniture

Whilst standing on a balcony is brisk, vigorous and fine for a moment, if you’re going to be spending more than a moment relaxing in a space you’ll want to be able to sit down and make yourself comfortable.

You might want some Parisian style cafe chairs and tables, to have some lounge style outdoor chairs or a small couch if your balcony is big enough to accommodate it.

Deck chairs, tables, a hammock maybe or an outdoor beanbag? Think about the size of your space and how you like to sit and relax. What will you be doing on the balcony?

Reading, happy hour with friends and family, sunbathing, eating breakfast, snacking – the only thing that can limit you here would be your imagination.

To check out some of the best balcony furniture on the market, click here.

Light Your Space

When we think about enjoying our balconies we often think of soaking up the sun and drinking our morning coffee.

During the day, our balconies can be delightful but, at night after we’ve clocked off from work, most of our balconies are too dark to use. So, one way to make the most out of your balcony is to light it well.

We’re talking fairy lights, lanterns and candles – three forms of lighting that immediately inspire romance, whimsy and welcome.

Not only do string lights improve the aesthetic of your home’s facade but, they also provide soft light to those sitting on the balcony without being overwhelming.

Bring Out The Pot Plants

yogurt bowl with fruits and nuts and cacao powder with cup of tea

Plants have been having a real moment lately and we are all for it! Plants make the place feel alive and caring for plants helps you have something to do!! Having pot plants on your balcony will help fill and beautify the space.

So here comes the real question, what plants will help step up your balcony? Heart-shaped plants such as Heart Leaf Fern, Florist’s Cyclamen a pot plant with red blooms, succulents like Sweetheart Hoya or climbers such as Devil’s Ivy help to step up the romance of your balcony.

Colorful and fragrant flowers invigorate your space, making it colorful in the daylight and leaving behind sweet aromas come night time.

Finally, herbs… if you’re going to grow something you may as well grow something that you can use! Basil, thyme, fragrant herbs like rosemary that will fill the space as well as help you fill up a dinner plate!

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