7 Benefits of Artificial Grass That May Convince You to Replace Your Lawn

Artificial grass is made up of plastic fibers that mimic live grass and are used to overlay a yard’s surface.

They can give the lush, bright grass that many homeowners seek at any time of year.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, artificial grass still has dozens of benefits.

We can talk about the warranties, quality makes, and eco-friendliness.

But these are just parts that build up the extensive list. Putting your faith in them can be valuable, and it’s a cost-effective alternative to organic turf.

They reduce your water bills, need little upkeep, and you won’t need fertilizers.

Sounds enticing?

So let’s take a peek at the detailed ways artificial grass might be of help to you.

Artificial Turf Reduces Your Water Bills

Everyone likes to save money, given that there is a window for that.

WaterUK statistics show that homeowners spend around $556.05 annually and $46.34 monthly on water bills.

Water costs $2.75 per cubic meter. Watering a 100m2 organic lawn at 25mm per sq meter (an inch deep) will use 2.5 cubic meters of water or $6.86.

This amounts to $75.51 if done once a week during the summer months!

And it’s far worse if you are using a sprinkler with continuous flows. But artificial grass only requires deep cleaning twice in a year-well it doesn’t match!

It Covers Unattractive Grasses

installing artificial turf

This is especially relevant in locations where hosepipe bans are common.

Water shortage results in thinning and the development of brown spots in natural grass.

This results in brown spots on your lawn and bare soil.

Artificial turf can be one way of dealing with unattractive grass. Artificial turf calls for a bit of gardening.

The typical duties that seem to be chained to the loop are replanting, mowing, and natural gardening grasses.

You barely have time to keep the lawnmower in storage before a new task arises.

However, you only have to clean artificial turf twice a year to get a pristine look.

Artificial Turf Helps You Avoid Harmful Pesticides

Mosses seem to be the worst nightmares associated with natural lawns.

They are generally difficult to keep under control. And if it gets out of hand, you quickly forget your healthy green grass.

On the other hand, the treatments used contain herbicides and pesticides.

Using them only harms the environment and every living creature.

Still, mosses can bloom on artificial turf. But, you can get around this with a synthetic biodegradable turf cleaner.

Even so, Artificial grass is pest-free due to the materials used in its construction.

This means that you don’t have to worry about bugs or vermin or the use of pesticides.

It Saves You the Costs of Purchasing Garden Equipment

You won’t maintain your lawn without a lawnmower, hand aerator, weed whacker, or a trimmer.

Still, there are recurring costs of replacing blades, energy bills, re-seeding, and watering.

All this equipment is costly to get. Artificial grass, on the other hand, still has upfront expenses.

However, it’s cheaper than the long-term costs of actual turf maintenance.

Artificial Grass Is Immune to Ultraviolet Rays

U.V. protection is excellent with artificial turf.

It will not fade in the sun and will remain green all year.

Unlike natural turf, which turns brown under extreme weather, artificial turfs are resistant.

Artificial Grass Is a Good Fit for Pets

pet on artificial turf

A pet cannot plow or ruin artificial turf as natural grass can.

This guarantees you intact from and cleanliness even if you own cats and dogs.

It is simple to wash, remains aseptic, and undisturbed by piddled matter.

As such, artificial turf can be used in kennels or any pet-related environment.

Again, it doesn’t get muddy quickly as artificial grass. Your dogs can play around, dig mud spots, but that won’t be stressful at any part since you can wash it with mild detergent and water.

Say Goodbye to Mud

Since artificial turf is mud-free, you need not worry about cleaning muddy footprints.

This same applies to muddy spots or mud holes dug by dogs.

Wrapping Up

Other than artificial turf, there are no better ways of outdoing an unattractive lawn.

Using them will save your time, money on water bills and the environment.

It’s what every homeowner desires to have. Suppose you are surged to have one or get it installed; contact itsartificialgrass.com.

They pride themselves in providing super quality artificial turf and performing installations’.

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