5 Essential Features to Choose the Best Water Filter for Your Home

Ensuring that the water that runs through your house is clean and healthy is essential.

Why? Because clean water saves your family from water-borne diseases, such as typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea, etc.

To turn regular water into a hygienic form, you need a good quality water filter.

But do you know which features of a water filter you should consider before buying one?

Besides the cost, ease of use and maintenance, you should look at other points before making the final buying decision.

Let’s check some common yet vital features to help you choose the best water filter for your home.

Best Home Water Filters: 5 Essential Features

As mentioned earlier, checking the features of a home water filter can save you from water-borne diseases, low maintenance hazards, and a waste of money.

You should also look for a filter that utilizes various stages of filtration.

Many brands like the Wisewell Water Filter have adopted multiple filtration stage technology to ensure a maximum water filtration rate.

However, read the five essential features below to choose the best water filter for your home.

1. What’s Its Filtration Rate?

Filtration Rate of water filter

Your family has a daily water consumption need based on the number of members and drinking habits.

So, make an estimation of your daily drinking water requirements and decide which water filter can provide you with that.

Find the filter’s maximum filtration rate and make sure that it exceeds your average daily need.

2. Does It Decontaminate Water Thoroughly?

It’s no use if your water filter can’t get rid of every possible contaminant in your water supply.

Not every water filter can eliminate every harmful substance; hence, test your water supply to determine the available pollutant.

You might look for a water filter whose decontamination rate is maximum.

3. What Type of Water Filter Is It?

Water filters don’t come in a universal size. They have various types, functions, and utilities.

Your family’s need for filtered water should determine which one to choose.

Let’s check some of the most popular water filter types in the following:

  • Whole House Treatment: It treats volumes of water supply, including all water channels that run through your home.
  • On-Counter Filter: This filter works by installing a faucet filter on the counter of the water supply.
  • Under Sink Filter: It’s a conveniently installed filtration system under the sink to send filtered water to a particular faucet.
  • Built-in Filter: This filtration comes inside the faucet as an integrated system.
  • Mounted Faucet Filter: Its filtration system is attached to a mounted faucet, including an on-off filtration facility.
  • Water Filter Pitcher: It works by filling the pitcher with drinking water which goes through its filtration system before pouring out.
  • Refrigerator Water Filter: Here, a refrigerator has a built-in filtration system to pour cold water. It also works as an ice-maker.

4. Is It Easy to Maintain?

Pure water is necessary for your family’s health, but it’s important that the system is easy to take care of.

Most hassles from a water filter are all due to its cartridge maintenance. It is imperative to change the cartridge when necessary.

Choose a water filter for your home that doesn’t require frequent cartridge changes.

You also don’t want to buy a complex one requiring water pretreatment before filtration.

5. Is It Affordable?

When choosing an affordable water filter for your home, you should look for one with a long-lasting filter.

It may cost you a little more initially; however, it always proves more economical in the end.

What Are the Benefits of a Water Filter at Home?

The benefits of installing a water filter at home are many. Its features of improving water quality, being economical, and easy maintenance make it a must-have choice.

In short, filtered water is far better and safer than tap or bottled water.

Let’s go through some of the major benefits of having a water filter at home:

1. Filtered Water Is a Health Booster

Health Booster when using water filter

Since a water filter removes harmful sediments and contaminants, the water that goes into your body is lighter and healthier. Filtered water always beats tap water in terms of quality.

2. It Offers Tastier Drinking Water

Water that comes through the plumbing lines carries various impurities and hard particles that often make a terrible drinking experience.

However, having a good water filter at home can spare you that experience and make the water taste much better.

3. It’s User-friendly

Using a home water filter isn’t rocket science. The whole filter installation lies on the vendor to leave you with a simple on-off function of the faucet.

There might be a concern about changing the cartridge regularly, but that too is a long-term issue.

The frequency of changing the cartridge varies from 4-6 months, depending on the filter you’ve installed.

4. It’s Economical

Drinking filtered water saves you money since you’re no longer paying for plastic bottled water.

Observe how much you’re paying for the filtered water over six months against bottled water. You will see a marked difference.

Besides, you’re acting as a responsible person for ditching bottled water as plastic bottles are harmful to the environment.

Water Filter versus Water Purifier

If you’re thinking this whole time that the water filter and water purifier are the same, think twice.

They’re not the same thing. Since you’re going to choose the best water filter for your home, you’re expected to differentiate between these two types.

A water filter technically filters out visible contaminants, debris, sediments, etc., to make the water clearer, more flavorful, and drinkable.

Conversely, a water purifier kills biological contaminants, such as germs, bacteria, etc., making the drinking water more hygienic.

A water filter uses carbon media to attract and remove the contaminants from the water, whereas a purifier uses more advanced technologies like distillation, reverse osmosis, and UV treatment to remove minerals, bacteria, and viruses.

Wrapping Up

If you have been wondering about buying the best water filter for your home, this article should answer your questions.

The features mentioned above should work as a guideline before investing in your next water filter.

Don’t fall for the overrated filter products instantly without considering the requirements.

We recommend that you take your time, ponder each essential feature we’ve enlisted here, and then select the one that suits your family’s needs the most.

Eventually, your wise selection can turn your money into an excellent investment.

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