How to Upgrade Your Kitchen for the Biggest Impacts

Your kitchen is so much more than a place where the meals are made. It’s the heart of the home and can actually be the room we spend the most time in, especially if we eat there too.

It is, therefore, a place that needs to be warm, homely and a welcoming space to chat and laugh with others. Yet when it comes to design and aesthetics, many kitchens are neglected.

Here’s how you can upgrade yours into a room you can have pride in, creates a better atmosphere and is a sociable place that draws friends and family together.

Colors and lighting

Get the Colors wrong and the whole feel of the room can become dreary. Dark Colors such as beige and burgundy can also make your kitchen seem outdated.

Instead, opt for a lighter more modern color such as a light grey hue or white. Wall art can also add lovely bright colors to the room.

In terms of lighting, a brighter kitchen can help to lift the atmosphere. You want to have spotlights over the worktops and ambient light where people eat.


You can also paint your kitchen cabinets to help brighten up the room. This in itself can provide a significant facelift for your kitchen, and can really give it a personal touch.

Painting half the cabinets so there are contrasting Colors around your kitchen can also create a great effect.

Or, if you’d rather make life easy for yourself, you could always have a painted kitchen installed to transform your kitchen in one fell swoop.

The Space above Your Cabinet

This is often an overlooked area in the kitchen and a perfect spot to show off your pretty afternoon tea sets and decorative knick-knacks.

If you don’t want to clutter up the space with too many pieces, choose a selection of your favorites and arrange them on shelves or wall-mounted racks.

As long as they’re dusted regularly, your tea cups will be safe from harm and on display for all to enjoy.

Furniture and floorscustom kitchen furniture and floors

Kitchen chairs can look tired after a while, and there are many options if you’re keen to modernize. Try swapping them for some fashionable bar stools if you have a worktop island in your kitchen.

Otherwise, use fabric in the form of seat cushions or nice tablecloths to spruce up your dining area.

If you’re going for the farmhouse kitchen, then replacing a normal door with a wooden sliding door creates a great look, or try hanging copper pots from the ceiling.

In terms of what’s beneath your feet, kitchen tiles will make a huge difference to an old, faded floor, or you could always try painting it a pale Color (though not white, as that’ll highlight everything you might have dropped!).

Remember, you want your kitchen to be worthy of the place everyone gathers to enjoy a meal, raid the fridge, and have long chats over mugs of coffee with whoever is cooking the next meal.

But it also needs to be a statement of who you are and what you love, whether you dream of a farmhouse kitchen, a bright and modern design or perhaps something a little quirky.

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