Time and Money-Saving Tips for Cleaning Your House

Cleaning is often a matter of an inner fight, and somehow the “please-no” side tends to win it.

By postponing regular cleaning, we just roll the snowball accumulating the problem till it becomes an unsurmountable burden.

However, it’s definitely not a dead-end and with enough enthusiasm, time, and supplies, every place can sparkle again.

Many of us are so overloaded with all the work and daily routines that it seems impossible to find time for such a wasteful activity as cleaning.

There are two solutions for those who are time-restricted:

1. Slow-reaching

It requires diligence and self-organisation. Probably everyone has a pile of things that are ‘very practical and useful’, having no idea that such things even exist on their territory.

Therefore, you need to make a plan and be consistent. Dedicate one day per room, don’t try to do everything at once.

Such step-by-step decluttering will definitely take time, provided that you do it at the weekend, however, the results will become visible from the very beginning.

2. Fast-reaching

The fast solution is for those who are pressed for time and have no desire to make their hands dirty and spend even a minute on nasty cleaning.

Firstly, evaluate visually the “damage”, and make a list of requirements. Then, check for cleaning services in the area and contact them for help.

Cleaning services will be more expensive than self-made cleaning, it’s important to understand.

They are professionals who know how to do everything quickly and efficiently and use the most suitable supplies.

When choosing the cleaning company, check their reviews, geography, and insurance. For instance, you are looking for the cleaners in a city like Islington or any other part of London.

Check the website of the company, read Google reviews (they are typically the fresh ones), and quote the price mentioning what things you want to be done.

If you want to save money on cleaning services, you can just check the quality of their work and if everything is flawless, make a long-term agreement for regular cleaning and have a discount.

Loyal clients always have the best catch.

Money-efficient solutions

If you have decided to take a self-organized route, here are some tips to help you navigate easier:

1. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is the first step towards all the cleaning burdens. Regular cleaning must become a second nature, a must-do task.

This is actually a good way to train self-discipline.

While regular chores take up to an hour or two (depending on the size of a place), the deep cleaning may take a great deal of time for thinking about it and then, days for doing it.

2. Cleaning kit

Cleaning kit

typical cleaning kit includes microfiber cloths, melamine foam sponges, cleansers, brushes of different sizes (including an old toothbrush for small joints), dryer sheets, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner.

However, is it possible to make the place clean with the help of things that are full of germs?

All the supplies must be cleaned after every usage, as the germs will keep multiplying.

It will also be a good idea to spray them all with disinfectant liquids, just to ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning tools.

3. Be seasonal

There is no need to wait for a big cleaning at the end of the year. Once the season is over, it’s important to rearrange the wardrobe:

  • Every item of clothing that was worn or just tried on should be taken away, washed, and accurately folded.
  • Before storing all the seasonal clothes on the shelf, question every item, if you really need it, and if it is good enough to keep.
  • Provided that the quality is still good, but you haven’t worn something for a few seasons, share it with people who are in need.
  • By doing so you declutter the space for the things you don’t use and do a good deed.
  • If you noticed pests in the wardrobe, take everything out, wash and dry everything carefully and place a small container with the grains of lavender. Pests don’t tolerate its smell.
  • Shoes should be washed and dried (depending on the material), and the leftovers of the dirt must be scrubbed away.
  • Afterwards, you need to polish them and pack them into the carton boxes, as they are breathable.

4. Don’t avoid hard-to-reach places

Often we just rush through the rooms, wiping off the dust and vacuuming, and enough.

The visual picture is more or less acceptable, yet a closer look will reveal the hair clogs in the corners, the carpet under the window may be covered with dust, especially if it’s close to the road, the light fixtures are keeping the dead bodies of flies, etc.

The quality of the cleaning has nothing to do with the speed of it (unless we are talking about the professionals).

Check the hidden places, and dust the surfaces, shelves, and wardrobes that are higher than eyes-level.

The cleanliness of the living space is a fundamental part of your health – physical and mental.

Regular cleaning is essential for the sanity of the place.

You can always make do on your own, with the help of your supplies and at the expense of your time; or just hire a professional company to free yourself from at least one household chore.

Professional cleaning services can help you maintain a clean and organized home or workplace, without sacrificing your time and energy.

With the right tools and techniques, professionals can tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks, leaving your space spotless and refreshed.

Hiring a cleaning service can be a good solution for busy individuals who want to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment but don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves.

Choose the most appealing option and enjoy the freshness of your home.

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