Light Up Your Life: How to Find a Floor Lamp for Every Room

Floor lamps serve numerous purposes. A person might use them to warm a room or brighten a dark corner.

They also make a style statement. However, the right lamp must be selected to achieve the desired goal.

What should a person consider when selecting a floor lamp?

Placing a Floor Lamp

People can place attractive floor lamps anywhere.

When determining where to put a lamp, consider how the space is used and the size and shape of the room.

What mood or tone is the owner going for with the lamp, and where are the power outlets in the room?

This information makes choosing the right lamp for any room in the house easier.

Layered Lighting

Lighting comes in three basic types. Ambient lighting provides general lighting for a room.

Task lighting is used to provide targeted light for a specific activity, such as cooking or reading, and accent lighting provides the atmosphere for a room and may be used to highlight a specific feature or area.

Layered lighting combines the three types of lighting.

Floor lamps may be used for ambient, task, and accent lighting.

They help set the mood and tone of the room and combine well with table lamps, wall lights, and overhead fixtures.

Consider using dimmable bulbs for added flexibility. Adjust the brightness of the lights for different times of the day.

Ambient Lighting

Floor lamps are ideal for ambient lighting. Ensure the light spreads evenly throughout the room.

Consider placing several floor lamps throughout the room to provide this light, and add a floor lamp in any dark corners.

Uniform light helps bring the space together. Uplighting, such as that provided by a torchiere floor lamp, will reflect off the ceiling and make a room brighter.

Task Lighting

Floor lamps may also be used for task lighting. Place a lamp beside or behind a sofa and establish a defined zone.

Floor lamps placed over chairs or desks provide light for reading while adding height to the space.

When using floor lamps for task lighting, ensure the lamp directs the light downwards. The shade should rest at eye level.

Accent Lighting

Floor lamps used as accent lighting make a room feel cozy and intimate while providing necessary illumination.

Place a lamp in a rarely used nook in the home to add visual interest and character to the space.

Matching floor lamps establish a sense of balance in the room and provide a coordinated look.

They may also highlight architectural features or a work of art.

Choosing the Right Floor Lamp

Choosing the Right Floor Lamp

Check out several floor lamps before choosing one for each space in the home.

They come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.

Consider the scale and dimensions of the room and current decor when making this selection.

The lamp should help pull the different elements of the room together.

Size is important when choosing a floor lamp. The height of the room and the current furnishings dictate which lamp the person should select.

An oversized lamp will look awkward in a small room with a low ceiling, and a small floor lamp would look out of place in a huge room.

It would look almost like an afterthought.

Finally, the floor lamp should match the existing design style.

For example, a traditional lamp would look out of place in a modern room.

By considering all factors, any person can choose a floor lamp they love that beautifies the space where it will be used.

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