DIY: How to Make a Square (Pouf) Wreath

The pull-through method is the go-to method for making a square poof wreath. Some also use the bubble method to make their square wreath DIY.

But there is a way to make a beautiful square wreath using a square form and pipe cleaners. DIYers shy away from using the pipe cleaner method because the square wreath isn’t as defined – but for a poof wreath, things work out perfectly!

Learning how to make a square wreath can be challenging – but expert DIYer Donna from the paperdreamer1 YouTube channel has an incredibly easy-to-follow tutorial. We’ll look at how she makes her beautiful square poof wreath in this post.

Supplies for Your Square Wreath DIY Project

Aside from some essential DIY supplies, you will need:

  • Square form (with three wires)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Zip ties
  • Two meshes
  • Three cloths for bows
  • Bowmaker

With these supplies handy, even if you haven’t made a wreath before, Donna’s easy tutorial will make you an expert in no time!


01 Tie Pipe Cleaners to the Form

Pick a corner of the form and tie a pipe cleaner between the outer and middle wire. Tie three to every edge: two in the corners and one in the middle, about four inches apart.

You don’t have to measure precisely – Donna measures the distance to the next pipe cleaner by extending the end of the previous cleaner.

Tie the cleaners by turning the form and holding the cleaner in place – this makes for a tight hold. Make sure that the ends of the pipe cleaners are pointing outwards.

After you’ve tied three cleaners in all corners, it’s time to tie cleaners between the middle and inner wire. They must be roughly four inches apart, but this time, their ends must face inwards.

To watch Donna demonstrate, go to the 2:04 mark on her video below.

02 Fasten Mesh to Outer Wire

Before you begin fastening the mesh, spread open the gap between the ends of every pipe cleaner. It will make the process easier and faster.

Slip a zip tie under the outer and middle wire near any corner of the form, place your mesh in between it, and close the tie. Snip off the extra length of the zip tie, and tuck the mesh’s end under the wires.

Here’s where we start making the “poofs.”

Extend a generous amount of mesh to the second-closest pipe cleaner, and tie it in place using the cleaner, making a “poof.” Fluff up the poof by opening the mesh up as best you can.

From here, extend the mesh to the next cleaner, tie it, fluff it up, and continue the cycle till you reach the beginning of the mesh.

When you reach the beginning of the mesh, secure the final poof using the pipe cleaner you skipped earlier. Snip off the extra mesh, and push any remaining length in between the wires.

Watch how Donna masterfully creates her poofs at the 8:37 mark on her video below.

03 Fasten Mesh to Inner Wire

The process is the same; the only difference being that the ends of the pipe cleaners face inwards.

Slip a tie under the middle and inner wires and fasten the mesh. Make poofs, and snip off the excess mesh in the end.

Skip to 16:39 to see how Donna finishes poofing-up her wreath.

04 Make Bow

In the video, Donna makes a six-loop bow using three different pieces of fabric. She uses the standard bowmaker to do it.

It’s simple – make a loop, hold, pull, twist, and repeat!

Donna makes the fabulous bow at the 19:20 mark.

05 Fasten Bow

Tie the beautiful bow in place using the pipe cleaner on an inner corner of the form.

And that’s it – your square poof wreath is ready!

Donna finishes off her wreath at time 26:48.

Full Video

Watching the full video is the best way to learn Donna’s technique.

Alternatively, you can also use the timestamps to skim through the steps.


Why do we need a three-wire square form and not the regular four-wire square form?

In three-wire square forms, the wires are further apart, making it easier to work with when making poofs.

Can I use tulle instead of a mesh?

Sure! You can use tulle, but since it’s a lighter material, you will need to make more poofs (and use more material) to fill the wreath enough to look vibrant.

How do I pick the right colors for my wreath?

Most DIYers do not follow a set formula for picking colors. However, if you’re facing a dilemma, you can read Julie Siomacco’s guide to choosing colors for wreaths. She goes into great detail and will help you solve your dilemma.

Additional Tips

The wreath Donna makes in her tutorial is perfect for the summer. But you can use her technique to make square wreaths for all seasons.

Also, you don’t need to use the same colors of mesh, and cloth Donna uses. Combinations of light-colored meshes look the best, and you can also use a multi-colored mesh to make your square wreath DIY.

You’re only limited by your creativity!

Donna uploads a new wreath tutorial every week, and she also uploads cooking tutorials regularly. Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel paperdreamer1 for more easy-to-follow DIY tutorials!

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