25+ Watercolor Feather Painting Ideas + Tutorial!

Feathers tend to represent a journey, be a physical one or, traveling with your mind or spirit.

Their weightlessness portrays a sense of freedom, just like birds gliding high in the sky.

It’s this sense of freedom and high-spiritedness that evokes artists to capture the dainty delicacy of feathers.

Feathers remind us to walk through life with a high spirit and a sense of liberty while also keeping a track of when we need to change the direction we are heading to.

Scientifically feathers symbolize growth. What do you think? Isn’t life all about growth?

Having an eye-catching watercolor painting of feathers at your home can certainly be a source of daily inspiration for you.

Every time you walk past a feather painting, you’ll be reminded of growth and the little things in life that forever need to be cherished.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at watercolor feather paintings that will give you a sense of freedom.

Then, down below we’ll look briefly at a water color feature tutorial to help you get going with the basics.

Watercolor Feather Inspirational Ideas:

feather ash pink black

Under the dusky sunset, the ash pink feather projects its fine, intricate details.

Featuring an ombre effect, the artist highlights thin vanes of the feather using a thin brush.

feather blue white

In its own sweet time, this blue feather falling from the sky will be at rest upon the earth.

The artistic approach uses monochromatic hues to play with the details of the feather.

The white background is enhanced with paint splatters on the bottom of the canvas.

feather dark blue dark

The dual-toned dark blue and black feather rests in the middle of the canvas.

The subtle background features wide brushstrokes, keeping it dark and raw.

You can have such a painting in your home for a touch of fresh yet mysterious blue.

feather dark green

A dark green feather emerges from the cloudy canvas, making a dramatic appearance.

The placement and angle of the subject produce a sense of 3D to the painting.

feather dark pink black

Just like being adorned on a burlesque dancer, the dark pink feathers dazzle in the black of the night.

The spotlight hits the feathers, creating hues of a lighter pink.

For home decorators who are into theatrical arts, this watercolor painting is a classic fit for your home.

feather light pink white

A pastel pink feather lays amidst the daylight.

The featured color palette portrays a delicacy just like the true nature of feathers.

feather orange white

A radiant promise of life – the orange feather emits sheer elegance.

Notice how the feather bows within the canvas adding a moment of eye movement for the viewer.

feather pale purple ink

The writer jots down his words on a vintage paper with the pale purple feather.

The details of the glass ink bottle are neat and immaculate against a crisp clean background.

feather pink light

A display of subtlety and delicacy.

The feather and background are alike, yet complementing one another through darker shades.

A pink watercolor painting like such would certainly add finesse to your home decor.

feather pink yellow green

A perfect ornament to fit the crown- the rich colored feathers where the green, pink, and yellow flawlessly celebrate one another.

Add a touch of color to your living room with this gorgeous watercolor painting.

feather yellow green

The deep green feather leans onto the ground as the sun hits its calamus, leaving glistening golden brown hues.

feather pink yellow multcolor

The weightless character of these multicolor feathers can be observed in the painting above.

The artistic technique uses light brushstrokes to paint the dainty details of the vanes and the afterfeather.

feather purple blue

The delicate purple feather and dewdrop go hand in hand when it comes to delicacy.

A painting reminding us of a soulful journey.

feather purple yellow multcolor

The summery color palette of feathers is displayed on the canvas above, evoking a sense of joyfulness.

Seems like a perfect painting to add colors to your black and white decor.

feather yellow black

Keeping all attention on the detailed vanes of the feather, the golden black subject reminds us of the color palette of The Great Gatsby.

An example of sheer beauty and grace.

feather yellow black ash

The young vanes and mature afterfeathers both, lingering alongside one another, depicting what we know as life.

A warm tone for a cozy setup in a corner of your home.

feather orange yellow blue

The canvas is bejeweled with delicate rainbow-colored feathers against a beige backdrop.

feather yellow brown

Showcasing the finer things – pattern and details.

The brown striped feather adorns the canvas emphasizing the calamus and afterfeathers.

feather yellow white

The gentle yellow and white feathers lay down with the utmost tenderness.

The artistic method features the canvas as an emerging ground for the feathers.

feather yellow green blue

Hanging from its dainty elegance, the yellow-green feather styles its anatomy.

How to Paint a Watercolor Feather

I just love looking at tutorials for watercolors. Depending on what you’re looking to do, with the right artist and teacher you can find an doable approach that fits what you want.

One tutorial I feel covers the basic steps to drawing and painting feathers on watercolor paper is below.

You’ll find tips on just about every aspect of painting your own feather using the “wet in wet” technique.

You literally paint on top of a small puddle of water that is contained in the outline you want! No messy painting!

Starting with suggestions on the best paper to use, the tutorial guides you on how draw out your feather outlines first in pencil, then how to get the perfect paint color and consistency for your artwork. This how-to video will guide you from blank paper to a wonderful piece of art you can be happy with!

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below and see what you think. Personally, I think it’s amazing.

Don’t worry, it’s beginner friendly!


Feathers are known to give a connection to the divine. They hold great significance for various cultures.

Painting such an intriguing subject surely requires skills and mindfulness. The watercolor paintings shown above certainly portrayed it all.

The watercolor feather paintings portray freedom through intricate brushstrokes and detailed work.

On the other side, we see a sense of growth through the featured color palette.

The delicacy of feathers can be seen throughout the paintings through the immaculate application of watercolors.

We’re sure you’ll practice your paintings skills on this delicate element of nature.

As a symbol of growth and freedom, you can certainly have these examples of watercolor feather paintings in your humble abode.