How Should Trash and Recyclables Be Stored?

Efficiently organizing waste and recyclables is crucial for any household, regardless of size. In fact, it’s more than you think!

So, how best to do it?

Short Answer

Store trash in sealed garbage bags or covered cans. Store recyclables in separate bins, to prevent pests and odors and to support easy sorting.

More about Trash and Recyclable Storage in Your Home

After working many years in waste management, I’ve gathered a few tricks up my sleeve for storing trash and recyclables in our home.

It’s not just about tossing stuff away; it’s about doing it smartly to keep your home clean and green.

For trash, you’ll want to use sturdy bags made for garbage.

Don’t cheap out here! Pay a few cents more for bags that are tear resistant and come with strong draw strings or tieable flaps for tighter, dependable cinching.

Looks for packaging that says “heavy duty”, “ultra strong”, or “max strength”. Usually, flexible types will also be a characteristic of these extra strong garbage bags.

When using bins, make sure you have a tight-fitting lid and clamp that puppy down.

This keeps the critters out and the stink in, especially important during those hot summer months.

If you’re dealing with food waste, consider a bin with a foot pedal for hands-free disposal to keep things sanitary.

Now, onto recyclables.

It’s all about separation and cleanliness.

Have designated bins for paper, plastics, metals, and glass. This not only makes it a breeze to drop off at the recycling center or push to the curve but also prevents contamination – a big no-no that can send your recyclables straight to the landfill.

sorted and stored recyclables

And give those containers a quick rinse before tossing them in the bin; it keeps pests away and preserves the quality of the material for recycling.

That said, in some cities now they are ok with not pre-rinsing food containers such as jars and plastics to save water. Processing systems have come a long way and can more efficiently “clean” recyclables better than in the past.

Here’s how you can go that extra mile:

Label your bins clearly. It’s a small step that pays off by keeping everyone in the household on the same page.

And if space allows, keep these bins in a cool, dry place, like a garage or utility room, to avoid any unpleasant odors in your living space.

By storing your trash and recyclables this way, you’re not just keeping your home tidy.

You’re also doing your bit for the planet by ensuring that recyclable materials are properly processed, and you’re minimizing the impact on the environment.

Plus, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with a well-organized waste system – trust me on that one!

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