Kitchen Renovations that Can Actually Decrease the Value of Your House

When people decide to place their home for sale, the first thing they do to raise their home’s value is to renovate the kitchen.

The kitchen is the center of the house, where food is prepared, and family gathers. While upgrading the kitchen feels like a good idea, it has a few downsides.

First, renovating anything in the house requires a lot of money. So if you decide to remodel the kitchen in your home to make a better sale, you must be willing to cash out lots of money.

You’d have to get a loan if you don’t have the finances to cover all the renovation expenses.

Some individual lenders offer the best loans for emergency cases that get quickly approved, so you’ll have the funds in your account faster and start the renovation.

How Much Can a Kitchen Renovation Increase the Value Of Your Home?

Most experts claim that homeowners can get a 52% return on their investment in renovating the kitchen when they make the sale.

On another note, this percentage also depends on your house’s value, the quality of the renovation, the neighborhood, etc.

Also, you should spend no more than 10% of your home’s value on a kitchen renovation.

Even though you might have the funds to spend more, sometimes spending more is not a good return on your investment.

Overall, a new, renovated kitchen adds great value to the house, but some kitchen renovation decisions can be counterfeit and decrease the value of your home.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Avoid

Stick to your initial budget, and don’t go overboard. It would be best if you were careful when renovating the kitchen to prevent it from negatively affecting your house’s value.

Keep on reading to find out what you should avoid doing.

Don’t Over Customize The Kitchen

Neutral is the right way to go when renovating the kitchen. It’s not worth spending thousands of dollars on customizing the kitchen of your dreams if you plan to sell the house.

If you’re in love with the idea, your potential buyer might hate it, so don’t go overboard with your ideas.

Keep things simple and neutral, and if you want to add customizable details, do it with small and affordable objects that can be easily removed if the potential owner doesn’t like them.

Don’t Use Low-Quality Materials

The biggest mistake you can do when renovating a kitchen is using low-quality materials.

When you use low-quality materials, the potential new owner would have to renovate the kitchen soon after because the materials will start falling apart.

Another tip when renovating is not to use marble because it can easily stain and chip.

Don’t Spend Tons of Money on High-End Appliances

High-end appliances look luxurious and can make your kitchen look top quality, but sometimes it’s not a good idea to spend tons of money on them because it can reduce the value of your home.

High-end appliances are not only expensive to purchase, but also they’re expensive to maintain, and high maintenance can deter potential buyers.

Don’t Do DIY Repairs

When doing a kitchen renovation to sell the home, a do-it-yourself renovation is a big no.

First of all, DIY renovations aren’t as cheap as you think, and they can reduce the value of your home because they’re poorly executed.

Potential buyers will not be attracted to a home that has a kitchen with bad DIY repairs.

Don’t Put Wallpapers in The Kitchen

kitchen wallpaper

You might be a fan of wallpapers, but not everyone likes them. Placing wallpapers with textures and patterns can attract potential buyers, so don’t put any wall art while renovating the kitchen.

Another inconvenient thing about wallpapers is that they’re pretty hard to remove, so avoid them at all costs.

By only using fresh paint and neutral colors, you’ll attract more potential buyers than with fancy wallpapers.

Don’t Try To Repair The Plumbing In Your Kitchen Yourself

If you’re on a tight budget, the only thing where you don’t need to save money is the plumbing.

Always hire a professional because if you try to do the plumbing yourself and make one simple mistake, it can have a devastating effect.

Don’t Use Outdated Styles

You may not have the funds to renovate the kitchen according to the latest fashion, but never do it in an outdated style.

Renovating the kitchen in an outdated style will not attract potential buyers. Don’t choose tile counterparts and oak cabinets because people from this century don’t like them.

The most desirable trends are white kitchen cabinets with birch or cherry. The bottom line is to use more neutral colors, don’t do crazy things, and don’t use outdated styles.

Simple is always better.


If you decide to renovate the kitchen before you place your home for sale, you need to be careful with your choices to prevent a decrease in your home’s value.

It will help if you remember not to do DIY projects yourself, thinking they’ll be cheaper because they’ll eventually cause a lot more.

Don’t overly customize the kitchen because not everyone has the same taste as you, and don’t choose bold colors and wallpapers because they’re not appealing to everyone.

Don’t spend tons of money on the newest technologies and trends because high-end technology costs a fortune to maintain, and trends change daily.

Keep things simple and the colors neutral, and you’ll attract more potential buyers without reducing the value of your home.

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