Time It Right: Remodel Successfully by Planning Your Timing

Remodeling your home or even a single room is a significant undertaking that’s potentially fraught with challenges and obstacles.

If you’re still considering whether or not to go ahead with remodeling, it’s important to put a plan in place. This will ensure that you have the time and resources available to complete your project, stick to your budget, and get everything done in good time.

Clear planning, timing, and budgeting are crucial for the successful realization of any remodeling job. Especially if you want it to be a seamless and fuss-free experience.

Here are the biggest timing mistakes to avoid during the remodeling process, and when is the best time to begin your revamp according to your specific needs.

Mistake #1: You Don’t Have a Clear Cut Plan

One of the primary reasons that remodeling projects become derailed and delayed is a lack of preparation and planning. Having a plan in place sounds simple enough.

But plenty of homeowners are always tempted to take shortcuts and circumvent their plans. Even if they have done their homework and created a clear plan of action from the start.

If you want to avoid timing issues during your revamp process, your plan needs to include specific details like a fixed project timeline, a detailed design plan, and a list of all the materials you have chosen for the job.

You also need blueprints and drawings drafted before any of your other plans move ahead.

If you are working with a renovation team or an expert, it’s recommended that you consult with them and finalize contracts, plans, and expectations before you give them the green light.

Any renovation team worth its salt will readily provide you with a project design, 3D renderings, clear material selections, cost estimates, and a reasonable timeline before they begin working on a project.

If your team hasn’t done this, you might be in for some timing mistakes and delays later down the line.

Mistake #2: You Haven’t Ordered Materials Ahead of Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major supply chain disruptions across the globe. Construction material suppliers and manufacturers have certainly felt the effects of this upheaval.

The supply chain disruptions have led to shipping and delivery delays, which have in turn delayed project timelines, regardless of how large the projects in question are.

Forecasting timing for material orders can be tricky. But one of the biggest timing mistakes you can make during a remodeling process is to not source your materials well before your work begins.

If you leave sourcing materials until the last minute, you may well face delays or rushed orders that will cause order waste, excessive spending, and unnecessary extra materials.

If you do plan on working with an interior design or remodeling firm, find one that is cognizant of changing stock statuses and estimated lead times from their vendors.

Firms with well-established supplier relationships will maintain realistic time frames between order and delivery dates. They’ll source items that have sufficient stock and optimal lead times, and will keep you up to date on any expected shipping delays.

If delays are encountered, your firm should offer you alternatives that will fit seamlessly into your current project.

Mistake #3: Having Unrealistic Timelines

Forgetting to plan for the unknown and to integrate buffers into your plans, and setting unrealistic timelines, can seriously hinder your remodeling process.

Remember, the timeline will almost always be longer than you expect. It’s important to plan ahead for unexpected obstacles and delays to ensure that you can complete your project on time, regardless.

Experts recommend setting up time and financial buffers to help. A revamp’s timing generally depends on the project size, but a cost cushion of around 10% will secure your budget and give you a safety net to take care of unexpected costs along the way.

Remodeling by Season


Spring is a fantastic time of year to do basic home improvements, such as repairs, cleaning, adding insulation, or replacing windows. It’s also an ideal time of year to build decks and patios.

The cooler temperatures are easier for builders to work through, and the project should get completed in time for the summer months.


The majority of home renovations take place during the summer, thanks to the fine weather and long days.

It’s important to note that building materials may cost more during this time due to high demand. But there are plenty of other renovations you can tackle in the summer months too.

They include repairing heating systems, assessing furnaces, and planning remodels for when your family is away on vacation.


When to remodel the house

The fall rains can hinder some remodeling projects, despite the temperatures being favorable for building. Most homeowners use this season to tackle projects like remodeling their basements and landscaping their yards.

With peak landscaping season over by fall, you can find some great deals on landscaping services—and the cooler temperatures and damp soil are perfect for planting.

If you live in an area that has minimal fall rainfall, you could consider doing exterior painting jobs and roof repairs during this time.


Winter snowfall, rain and wind make outdoor renovations challenging at best. However, this is the perfect season to tackle interior renovation jobs, like indoor painting, working on foundations, planning decks and new construction projects.

It’s also a good time for remodeling rooms in time for the festive season, especially if you’re accommodating family members with varying special needs.

The Bottom Line

Timing your remodeling projects right is the key to success. Regardless of what the task at hand may be. Plan your projects according to the seasons, weather conditions, and the availability of materials and contractors.

Remember to add extra time to your timeline for unexpected and unforeseen delays and obstacles.

Source your materials in advance if possible, and choose well-established interior design firms and contractors who can easily find alternative materials and equipment should you need them.

The right remodeling partner will simplify your projects and ensure that you never face lengthy delays or shortages that can set you back for months.

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