5 of the Best Bedroom Plants That Purify the Air

It’s nice to have plants in every room of your home. They make you feel like your outside and at one with nature.

This can be a great way to relieve anxiety and stress, allowing you to relax.

In fact, plants are also very good at purifying the air, they can remove most of the toxins in the air around your home.

best bedroom plants

Of course, you should click here and get some advice regarding which plants are best for the different rooms of your home.

Because each room has a different climate and purpose, the best plants for each space can vary.

If you’re thinking of adding plants to your bedroom then you should consider the following 5 as they don’t just look great and help you to feel healthier. They also purify the air

1. Snake Plant

The snake plant is one of the most popular in homes across the country because it’s easy to look after.

It has striking leaves that look like swords, or snakes. This plant is very difficult to kill and its vibrant color makes it a nice choice for the bedroom.

Simply let it be and add a little water when the soil is nearly all dry.

2. Lavender

flowers filter bedroom air

Most people don’t think of lavender as a houseplant but it actually does very well in a pot. It also has a delightful fragrance which will help you to relax in your bedroom.

Lavender is easy to care for. It needs several hours of direct sunshine per day and occasional watering. Overwatering will give it wet rot, less is definitely better.

3. Lady Palm

The Lady Palm does look like a miniature palm tree. Its leaves extend up and create a fan-like pattern that looks great.

This plant needs indirect light, it will burn in direct sunlight. It also shouldn’t be watered too much. Make sure the top inch of soil is dry before you add more water.

4. Rubber Plant

rubber plant boho bedroom

The rubber plant has stunning large red/green leaves and creates a feature in any room.

It’s particularly good for your bedroom as it is surprisingly good at relieving stress. Just looking at the plant will leave you feeling content.

It prefers bright areas and is happy with direct sunlight. This plant also likes moisture, you’ll need to spray the leaves periodically as well as watering them.

You should note that occasional pruning is advised. But, wear gloves, the sap is very sticky and difficult to get off your fingers.

5. Boston Fern

fern plants to purity bedroom air

If you have a little space in your bedroom for a hanging plant then the Boston fern could be the perfect solution. It has bright green foliage and looks fantastic.

However, this plant will need to be misted with water daily and it loves plenty of direct sunlight. Consider that before you commit to purchasing one.

The secret to choosing the right bedroom plant is to go with one that appeals to you. It really is that simple. Of course, you have to care for the plant….

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