15 EASY Ways to Make Angel Wings (for Wearing and Decorating)

Angel wings beautifully symbolize love, spirituality, and protection.

You can have your children wear them on Halloween, in the holy week, and at costume parties.

Having a pair of mesmerizing angel wings as a decoration in your living room will not only give the room a positive vibe but also remind you of your blessings.

And you can make these yourself in one afternoon!

But… how?

Don’t worry about that!

In this post, I’ll showcase 15 of the best DIY angel wings projects on the internet that’ll even beginners can execute with ease!

1. Fluffy Angel Wings

Helen and Nadine, on their YouTube channel Lets make it together, illustrate how you can make soft and airy angel wings.

They use a pencil, paper napkins, and glue to achieve the flowy effect and attach elastic to the wings to make them easy to wear.

2. Angel Wings With Feathers

Krystal Everdeen makes angel wings for her Halloween costume using white cardboard and feathers.

After drawing and cutting out the wings’ shape, she spray paints the cardboard white and sticks feathers on it.

While she recommends using elastic for the arm straps, she says using yarn will also work just fine.

3. Mantel Makeover Angel Wings

Angélique Jarrier from Canvas Corp Brands gave her mantel a seasonal makeover by adding these beautiful angel wings to it.

She uses paper plates to make the wings, but they are intricately arranged and tastefully painted, which is what gives the piece its charm.

Since it’s all on canvas, you can switch it out whenever you want!


Read the process behind the making of these wings on the Canvas Corp Brands blog.

4. Holiday Angel Wings Decoration

The poster board base that Bri uses to make her angel wings makes them super sturdy.

But the best thing about Bri’s design is that she uses different sizes of feathers on different parts of the wings, which really makes it stand out.


This design will fetch you a lot of compliments! Read Bri’s instructions to make the wings over at Parties With A Cause.

5. Spikey Paper Feather Angel Wings

G from G Torbz Crafty Channel has the most straightforward tutorial on this list. She uses an illustration board to make her wings.

The garter is attached to the wings with another piece of illustration board, and G uses short bond paper to make her wings’ feathers.

6. Adorable Angel Wings with Halo

Kate’s design of angel wings is similar to Krystal Everdeen’s design above, but it looks a lot better.

Like Krystal, Kate also uses cardboard and feathers to make the wings, but the feathers are higher quality, and since Kate paints the piece of cardboard with good quality acrylic paint, it looks a lot different.


The halo is made from starry tinsel, and you can see how adorable Kate’s daughter looks wearing it on The Craft Train blog.

7. Easy Wire and Mesh Angel Wings

Cut Out + Keep user Syndiclaire shares how she made a beautiful pair of DIY angel wings at the eleventh hour for her son’s graduation ceremony.

She uses wire to make the frame of the wings and attaches some mesh to the rings so she can stick the feathers to it.


Looks AMAZING for a last-minute project, no? Find out how Syndiclaire pulled it off on the Cut Out + Keep blog.

8. Long Feathered Angel Wings

Using Syndiclaire’s method, you can also make these long feathered angel wings with ease!

All you need is the right length of wire, quality feathers, and time!

Long Feathered Angel Wings

9. Ravishing Wood Angel Wings

Blogger The Pineapple Room uses the board from a train table box, and post outlining the feathers, she diligently cuts out every piece from the board.

After gluing them together, she uses linen acrylic to give it a rustic “distressed wood” effect.


Visit The Pineapple Room blog to find detailed instructions about how to make these angel wings.

10. Cute Coffee Filter Wings

Alice uses cardboard from a cereal box to make an adorable pair of wings. After gluing the cardboard wings together, she mod podges sheet music to the back of the wings.

Folding and gluing the many pieces of coffee filter is all that’s left to do to make the poofy wings.


Alice shares her comprehensive tutorial on her blog.

11. Attractive Gold Angel Wings

Nivetha breaks down how you can make golden angel wings with ease on her YouTube channel, Nivii06.

She makes a frame out of wire and sticks mesh to it. This gives Nivetha the foundation she needs to stick her metallic gold paper cards on.

It’s perfect for Halloween!

12. Shimmering Silver Angel Wings

Amy Fancher’s angel wing design can make any room vibrant.

She makes the wings out of sculpted foam, and the shimmering effect is a result of meticulously placed pieces or mirror.


Find out more about her project over at amyloufancher.com.

13. Delightful Book Page Angel Wings Wreath

Vanessa Beaty’s unique wreath is shaped like angel wings – it looks spectacular!

But it’s just as easy to make. All you have to do is make cones using pages from an old book and glue them together in the right order.


Vanessa’s post on the DIY & Crafts blog highlights the entire process of making the wings.

14. Glittery Angel Wings Christmas Ornament

Out of Michelle’s many beautiful designs, I love the rustic glitter cardstock one best.

The gorgeous golden ribbon goes perfectly with it and makes it the perfect Christmas ornament.


You can view Michelle’s other designs on her blog, Our Crafty Mom!

15. Angel Wings For Dolls

Angel wings will make for the perfect gift for your children if they like to play with dolls.

YouTuber AkameruKawaii makes the frame of the wings with wire and covers it with paper on both sides. She then glues feathers to it, which sells the flowy effect!

And with that, you’re now acquainted with some of the internet’s best DIY angel wings!

But if you don’t have certain supplies or have an entirely different vision for your angel wings, don’t be afraid to experiment!

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