A Complete Guide on Interior Design Using Mirrored Walls

Nowadays, mirrors do not belong in isolated corners of bedrooms where you only visit before going out. Mirrors form a kind of iconic attraction in the world these days and are highly regarded by architects and interior designers.

Gone are the days when the walls and ceiling of a house are painted a boring, plain white. Now we see amazing interior designs with intricate woodcraft or classy wallpapers. Make no mistake, traditional paint is certainly cheaper.

However, it does fail to bring that elegance to the home which wallpapers, wood, or glass brings.

Decorating the interior of a house with glass requires expertise and a good sense of design. The job can be tricky, as mirrors are different from regular decorating materials.

Wrong placement can become inconvenient – to put it mildly. Imagine bashing through a mirror just because it was positioned in a way that gave you the impression of a path.

This article provides an in-depth guide on designing your interior using mirrored walls.

How to Attach Mirrors to Walls?

Before we delve into an array of interior design ideas using glass, it is necessary to have a brief concept of how to install it on the walls. There are various ways to do this.

You can use masking tape or just hang the glass from a mounted hook on the wall. However, we believe using glass glue can be the most effective and beneficial way.

This specialized form of glue is ideal for attaching any type of mirror onto glass or other materials like metal or wood. Glass does not usually have any texture on the surface, making it almost impossible to use regular glue on them.

The craft-art.com glass glue guide is a great reference to find information about glass glue. You can also find detailed methods of acquiring and implementing them. Make sure you know the complete procedure to attach the mirrors before attempting it.

Interior Design Ideas Using Mirrored Walls

Below is a comprehensive list of interior design ideas using mirrors carefully placed in locations to amplify the sophistication of your home.

Some of those ideas can be implemented DIY. However, we do recommend taking professional help due to the complicated nature of the task.

Utilize the Reflections

The most brilliant and unique feature of glass is its ability to reflect light perfectly – given the setup is correct. This characteristic adds a ton of utility to glass; using it as a mirror is one of many.

Placing a light near the glass mirror will amplify the intensity of light in the room due to the reflections. It would feel like the room contains multiple light sources despite having just one.

Some homes have dark first floors due to the lack of light entering certain corners. Placing reflective glass mirrors in tactical positions across the floor can considerably enhance the interior brightness.

The glow of natural light all around a room does feel classy and refreshing. Try using large mirrors your targeted location can accommodate to utilize the maximum amount of light rays for reflecting.

Anticipating what the reflected light beams will look like after setting up is also important. Misplaced light sources might lead to uneven distribution of light in the room – giving the interior an inferior look.

Place some mirrors near the windows to harness the natural illumination and brighten up the place without the need for a single, artificial source of light.

Make the Mirror the Main Feature of the Room

mirror main feature of the room

Rooms that do not have any significant furniture or decorations are more likely to benefit from the installation of wall mirrors. Make sure that it is mounted in a central location so that the primary focus of the visitors falls on the mirror.

A beautifully crafted, plywood-paneled wall mirror positioned in a focal point can do a world of good. The mirror would potentially attract all the attention and compensate for the lack of designer furnishings in the room.

Even if the room has a point of attraction, the wall mirror can enhance its grace and make it even more appealing. Paintings can be replaced by mirrors with fancy frames, which can also serve the purpose of amplifying the interior radiance.

Generate a Sense of Spaciousness

As mentioned earlier, the strategic placement of wall mirrors can make a room feel more spacious than it actually is. Cover an entire wall with large glass mirror panels, and you will be amazed at the results.

The room would feel twice as big and may even look brighter. Try to install frameless mirror panels attached with glass glue to ensure a consistent look without any visible partitions in between.

We recommend this technique for improving the interior design, especially in small rooms. Compact areas like storerooms and attics are ideal for a project like this. You can also replace delicate walls that act as separating spaces with wall mirrors.

Try Out Different Mirror Shapes

Instead of using the customary, rectangular shapes of mirrors, try out a variety of different sizes and designs. There is no limit to the number of wall mirrors you can install or the ways in which you can decorate your home.

Reserve an entire wall space for an assortment of mirrors to be displayed. This can be your very personal gallery and a mandatory sight for visitors.

A consistent theme in the color of the frames that match with the existing wall color can provide an added touch of elegance to the room.

Final Thoughts

Every homeowner aspires to live in a better house with elegant interior decorations and a pleasant setup. As this article has elaborately discussed, achieving that is not very difficult if you know what to do.

Installing wall mirrors in the interior is a fantastic way to renovate your living space and improve the overall aura of the place. Furthermore, wall mirrors are not just materials for decoration.

They can also be used as utility mirrors to get your work done. Make sure you know what you want and dive right into it!

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