DIY: Floral Pin

It’s spring and the flowers all a-bloom, but who says that flowers should have all the fun? I thought I’d join in with the spring flora and wear a few pretty petals of my own. This project is quick, easy and costs next to nothing. Plus, you’ll rival the best blooms out there.


What you’ll need:

Just a few notes on the supplies:

I chose a simple cream colored flower this time, but can’t wait to make some more in vibrant hues. At the craft store, you’ll find a large selection of colors and flower styles, making it easy to find one (…or two, or three) that suit your style.

Also, I purchased the pin I used at a craft store, but you could easily sew on an old safety pin you’ve got lying around the house as well. Thrifty!


1. Remove the stem and leaves from the flower. I just snipped these off with a pair of scissors.

2. Sew the pin onto the back of the flower. It is best to sew the pin a little above the center of the flower so that it hangs nicely when you wear it. Here is what the back of mine looks like:

And that is all there is to it. Enjoy!

Speaking of flowers, how my cRaZy puppy Tanner enjoys his flowers vs. how I enjoy mine.

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