DIY: Tape Dispenser Makeover

I saw this simple little project tacked up on Pinterest (check out these pins here and here). Since I still had some pretty paper left over from my Mason Jar Makeover post, I decided that this would be the perfect project to accomplish next on my looong list of things I’ve pinned to do on Pinterest.


Stuff you’ll need:

Just a few notes on supplies: It’s best to use a thick sheet of paper that will stand easily on its own. Also, the paper I used had a pattern on both sides so that it would look pretty from both the front or the back.


1. Remove the paper insert from the tape dispenser and use it as a template. Trace its shape onto your paper:

2. Cut out along the outline you drew and place the pretty paper cut out you made into the dispenser:

With double sided paper, it looks great from both sides:

Whew, that’s one Pinterest project accomplished, and only 1,567 more left to go! Bring it on, Pinterest. Bring. It. On….

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