9 DIY Futon Frame Projects You Can Build Yourself

Ah the futon, that convenient, dual-purpose piece of furniture you can find in apartments, guest rooms and dens across the world.

The original futon, comes to us from Japan. It too offered a “stow-away” type bed that saved room and a comfortable enough place to sleep for the night.

The Western-style futon comes in abundant style choices. Futon frames, mattresses and “duvet” like cover choices are nearly endless.

You can spend a wide range of money on futon sets, from an inexpensive DIY futon, or slightly more with an IKEA model all the way up to expensive Pottery Barn wood versions that look like a million bucks – the kind they use in fancy hotels.

What more do you need?

Well, I’ll tell you: Unlike a nice couch or a great mattress for that matter, a futon is not one of those pieces of furniture most of us don’t want to lay down a huge chunk of cash for.

It’s practical and often serves a temporary purpose until we “move up in the world” and get a bigger place with more space or upgrade our guest quarters to an actual room instead of the end of a living room.

Enter the DIY futon frame. This is your chance to build something good enough at the size you need, but solid and perfect for your immediate needs.

DIY futon frame projects allow you to create custom, functional furniture that suits your personal style and needs.

By choosing the right materials, design, and applying a bit of elbow grease, you can build a cozy futon frame that adds a unique touch to your home.

Just like building your own futon frame, Spin Samurai offers a personalized gaming journey that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Again, there are numerous styles here. We’ve picked a nice bunch of options where each piece can not only inspire you but answer your basic questions.

Most also provide helpful futon plans because you need the easiest way to make your own right?

Let’s get started!

How to Build a Futon from Scratch?

Our first group of build ideas and futon plans focuses on the fundamentals of building a futon frame to make for a supportive bed.

We’ll work from basic DIY setups to more advanced plans that may meet your needs further. There’s truly something here for everyone,

1. Tri-fold Futon Frame

Measure, cut, drill, and screw. And boom, you’ve got yourself a pretty nice futon frame.

This one comes from a determined DIY’er who shares his making adventure on Instructables.

As with any project that someone else has done (and we can follow), it’s nice to see some “if I did it again” comments at the end for you to use.

Use these comments for yourself and follow the steps to a “T” for a pretty nifty futon design.

Trifold futon frame diy

Visit Instructables for the complete low-down on making your own foldable bed and sofa.

2. Flip-Design Futon Makeover

Jane from Maflingo shares her unique, yet simple approach to creating a futon that is a couch or sofa first, then a bed second.

What’s great about Jane’s design is she really stayed true to her needs and created a result that is perfect for what it needs to do in supporting her desired mattress size.

And that functions as a guest room bed when required, but be a comfortable enough sofa with a wood base all the other times.

Her flip-over design is actually pretty genius. You have to see it to get it, and you’ll be nodding your head up and down in a very satisfied way immediately when you see it.

Flip design futon frame wood

Take a stroll over to Maflingo to check out Jane’s entertaining instructions on making this one.

3. Pottery Barn Inspired Chesapeake Double Lounger

Now, that title is a mouthful but this is one fold-up/fold-down piece of furniture that is sure to catch the eye and interest of every guest.

An outdoor futon? Really? Yes!

Who says you can’t lounge or sleep on a futon mattress in style while you’re outside? This design brings us this comforting idea.

Becky from The Design Confidential shows us her finished result taken from some well-documented plans.

If this style interests you, you should have no problem making your very own version.

Outdoor futon base

Check out Becky’s rendition over at The Design Confidential and fall in love like we did.

 4. Sofa / Futon / Mattress frame

Here’s another one from Instructables. This one is a straight-forward approach providing a 6-foot x 4-foot sized frame.

It requires only 4 differently cut sizes of pine wood and 2 sizes of drill bits for the holes.

You’re going to create 12 planks here for your platform, so your futon mattress is going to be well-supported by this frame.

The best part about this wood design it the cost of materials (wood and hardware) comes in easily under $50. Not bad.

Check out the very thorough assembling instructions over at Instructables. Lots of great photos are hosted there to show you the way!

5. Small Size Futon Frame

Sometimes, you just don’t have a lot of space. In fact, isn’t this one main reason you’re building a futon frame in the first place?

This next how-to design comes from someone who needed to make a futon frame at a size to fit in an RV.

Don’t let that fool you though. This is one futon design that brings some cool flexibility with it.

For example, this futon frame is a modular one where the sofa bed can be configured into either a single or double bed by moving around each piece.

Configurable futon frame design

Visit DoitYourselfRV to get in on the action of making this versatile masterpiece.

6. Craftsman-Style Futon Frame

This one is a woodworker’s dream. Or maybe we should say if you’re dreaming of being a woodworker, this one is for you.

It’s a stunning craftsman appearance that will have guests asking where you bought it. But when you tell them you made it, they’ll be asking you for these wood futon frame plans instantly.

This is a nice-sized bed frame you can use to really set up your guest room.

Diagram for diy futon frame

Check this futon frame out over at Woodsmith.plans and download your plans right now.

 7. Pallet Sofa Bed

I absolutely love this one because it is SO simple and one inexpensive futon frame. How about next to almost free?

Made from a throw-away wood pallet, there are just a few basic steps to elevate and “freshen” up the frame for a fun-looking piece of furniture.

It’s practical and does the job in a simple space. The design even comes with its own nightstand or side table, depending on how you use it. And it’s all in one piece.

Pallet frame

Find the plans and more photos over at ScrapHacker, where the DIY is so graciously shared

8. Knock-off Futon Frame

This make-it-yourself futon frame is just too pretty. You almost don’t want to cover it up with a futon mattress.

Eric created this for one of his clients because they fell in love with an expensive original.

The fact that it can convert into a comfortable lounger sofa is a big plus; adding even more comfort and versatility to your room.

Wood stained futon frame

Learn more about Eric’s project that he posted on LumberJocks and prepare to be awed.

 9. Oak Futon Frame

Here’s how to build a catalog-style wood futon frame from beginning to end.

As an “advanced” build, it goes without saying that this oak futon frame is one to keep in the family for years to come.

It will probably even outlast a mattress or two!

Make it yourself. Save money, and be proud.

oak frame

See how it’s all done and download the plans over at FurnitureMaking.us.

10. Modular Sofa Futon Frame

An ingenious design that takes simplicity and practicality to solve more than one solution at once.

As DIYer Joey Ewing says “I wanted to create a functional solution with a more minimalist silhouette that emphasizes the natural character of the wood.”

And he’s done just that. Visit his IG page to see more photos of how this futon “sofa” converts effortlessly into a bed with a robust and supportive frame at the ready.

modular futon frame

Photo credit Instagram @joey_ewing

11. DIY Futon Frame with Storage

Now here’s an idea for a convertible sofa-futon with tons of built-in storage!

IG’s @i.fardiansyah says this is actually pretty easy to make, and would probably be happy to give you some tips to build your own. Click to see more photos of this futon in action.

diy futon frame with storage

Photo credit Instagram @i.fardiansyah

12. DIY Futon Frame Idea for Tiny Spaces

This is too cool, and another way to use the futon coffee table as the bottom supportive base for the fold-out futon (sleeper).

And with a minimal footprint in either position, it’s the perfect option for a tiny house or for anyone with tight space considerations!

tiny house diy futon framing system

Photo credit Instagram @tinyhousegiantjourney

13. DIY Assembly Futon Frame for Van or Camper

Sometimes it’s ok to buy the pieces and assemble them yourself. Especially when it’s just exactly what you need!

In this case, here’s a camper futon frame that can fit perfectly in your vehicle.

Learn more from CAMP N CAR on how you can get to setting one of these up now.

camper futon frame assembly

Photo credit Instagram @campncar

14. Rustic Slide-out DIY Futon Frame

Another clever futon frame design – this time, using a nifty slide-out function.

Makers like Bryton show you what’s possible with a sliding bed frame as well as how to give it some style.

slide out futon frame

Photo credit Instagram @brytonwebber

So, how do you make a wooden futon? It’s not too bad once you have an idea of the multiple functions you need it to serve within your own space.

Some plans require and use more tools and hardware than others. If you’re fine with a basic look, you can build a wood futon in a day.

How long does it take to build a futon if you’re going for style as a priority? Usually, within a week you can make something pretty darn awesome.

The most difficult part is really deciding what kind of wood you want to use. Then comes finding the right mattress that will be easy enough to fold when being used as a sofa.

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