How to DIY a Glitter Tablecloth for that Exciting Touch

A glitter tablecloth is a beautiful addition to any dining room – it gives the space a glistering lift and lightens the room’s tone.

But high-quality glitter tablecloths are expensive, sometimes going for as much as $60!

Making your own glitter tablecloth not only works out a lot cheaper, but it’s also a fun evening project. Putting it together will take no longer than 20 minutes.

The best part? You don’t have to settle for what the market offers – you can pick the cloth’s quality and the glitter’s color yourself!

In this post, we’ll look at how popular lifestyle and beauty YouTuber Diamond Quenshay made a pretty backdrop for her channel. Her tutorial doubles perfectly as a DIY glitter tablecloth tutorial.


You will need to fetch these materials for this DIY project. You must pick up:

  • Spray adhesive
  • Lots of glitter (Diamond uses two colors)
  • Your choice of cloth larger than the size of your table

The shimmer tablecloth cost Diamond a little over $15 to put together.

Steps to Make a Glitter Tablecloth

01 Lay Out Cloth

First, lay your cloth on the floor, and make sure that no part of it touches the carpet. Carpets get messy and sticky quickly!

In the video, Diamond lays out her cloth on her tiled dining room floor, making it easy for her to clean up any excess glitter.

Diamond speaks about laying out the cloth correctly at the 1:51 mark on her video below.

02 Spray Adhesive

After laying out the cloth, start spraying the adhesive. Spray only small, manageable segments of the tablecloth in one go.

The fast application is one of the biggest reasons why Diamond uses spray adhesive in her tutorial. Mod Podge and similar glues require more work to apply.

After you’ve sprayed the adhesive onto a small section of the cloth, quickly move to the next step.

Watch Diamond spray the adhesive by skipping forward to 0:38 on her video below.

03 Spread the Glitter

Make sure the box of glitter is open and at hand before you spray the adhesive. As soon as you spray the adhesive, shake the box gently and sprinkle as much glitter as you want onto the cloth.

You will need to move fast since the adhesive starts to dry as quickly as 15 seconds after application.

You don’t need to be thorough since you can always do another pass of spraying and spreading over spots that you didn’t get a chance to glitter-up properly.

Diamond demonstrates this step at the 0:50 mark on her video below.

04 Continue Gluing and Glittering

Move on to the next segment of the cloth, spray the adhesive on it, and spread the glitter over it.

Again, there’s no need to be thorough – just make sure you move fast so all the glitter you spread sticks to the cloth properly.

Watch Diamond continue gluing and glittering from the 1:02 mark on her video below.

05 Switch Glitters and Seal

If you’re using two glitters like Diamond does on her video, switch to the other glitter after fully covering the cloth with the first glitter. The process is the same – spray and spread!

This is also the right time to cover any spots you missed on your tablecloth.

Diamond didn’t show this in her video, but after you’re happy with how the tablecloth looks, apply another coat of adhesive on the cloth. It ensures that the glitter stays in place.

And that’s it – your custom glitter tablecloth is ready!

Diamond finishes off her tablecloth at the 2:14 mark on her video below.

Full Video

You can watch how Diamond elevates the look of a plain white tablecloth with silver glitter in her video below.

Alternatively, you can use the timestamps above to skip from step to step quickly.


What kind of fabric should I use as my DIY glitter tablecloth?

Oilcloth fabric is a popular option – but most oilcloth fabric you find will have patterns on it, which sometimes takes away from the effect of glitter. Cotton and satin are the best fabrics to make a glitter tablecloth with.

Do I sew a hem before or after sealing the glitter?

If you want to sew a hem on your fabric, do it before you glue or seal the glitter. It’s just faster and easier to do.

How long should the drop of the tablecloth be?

If you’re going for a formal look, you must make sure that the drop is close to the ground. But for a casual setting like home, keep the drop between 10 and 12 inches long. You can also make an oval-shaped tablecloth.

Additional Tips

You don’t have to make a silver glitter tablecloth like Diamond did – you can choose a different color combination, and even make patterns and designs on your tablecloth.

Change it up, by making a table skirt that’s glittery instead with a more plane cover for the actual table.

You can also cover just parts of a plain tablecloth with glitter and give it a personal touch. A floral design made out of glitter will give your dining space a fabulous lift and help protect expensive table tops. If you’re looking to get your kids involved, you can trace their hands on the cloth and use an adhesive like Mod Podge to fill it with glitter.

There are tons of great ideas you can execute with a just bit of glitter. Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment!

And remember to check out Diamond Quenshay’s YouTube channel!

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