DIY: Hair Brooch

I mentioned in this post that you can easily turn just about any pin or brooch into an embellishment for your hair. Today, I wanted to show how I’ve styled a few different trinkets in my hair.


Stuff you’ll need:

Dig around in your jewelry box for pretty little trinkets. The ones above are a few things I found. You could use just about any type of trinket. (I imagine some earrings would look really great too.) Keep an open mind and try out different items. You never know what will work.

Also, I used these mini hairpins. The mini size is great for hiding the hairpins under the small trinkets. Plus, they are so stinkin’ cute!


Secure the trinkets to your hairstyle with bobby pins.

Here are the looks I created with the trinkets I found…

Want to make your own sparkly heart? Hop on over to the DIY: Heart Pin Tutorial.

I’ve had so much fun styling these trinkets in my hair. For the future, I’m keeping a lookout for some pretty rhinestone brooches to add to my collection.

Do you guys have any favorite trinkets or treasures?

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