Why Your Laundry Products Should Be More Eco-Friendly

Different laundry products are available in the cleaning sections of supermarkets and many of them are beautifully packaged.

The essence of such packaging is to grab our attention and increase their sales.

Beyond this packaging, some harmful chemicals are added to these products for quick and effective cleaning solutions for your home.

Research has shown that most of the chemicals contained in these products are harmful to the eye and skin.

This harm doesn’t end with users alone. Chemical wastes from such products are released into the environment, causing harm to plants and animals.

This is the main reason you need to go for eco-friendly dissolvable laundry sheets like these.

Regular cleaning products contain different chemical ingredients like surfactants, enzymes, phosphates, foaming agents, carbonates, dyes, and perborates, which are mostly gotten from petroleum.

The impact of these products itself in the seas and rivers. Common allergies, asthma, and dermatitis are made worse with these products.

Eco-friendly products are made up of sustainable and renewable raw materials that don’t sacrifice effectiveness.

That’s why your laundry products should be more eco-friendly. Eco-friendly products have lots of benefits for both the environment and users.

Some of the reasons why your laundry products should be eco-friendly include:

1. Healthier Home and Family

Green or eco-friendly products give you a healthier home and family.

You and your family do not have to bother about being exposed to harmful chemicals during laundry and you do not have to breathe in the residues left from laundry products.

2. Fewer Risks

Handling non-eco-friendly products comes with a lot of risk to your eyes and skin.

Such products cause skin irritation during the hand-washing of clothes.

Eco-friendly products, on the other hand, are very gentle on the skin and there is much less risk of being exposed to chemical burns.

3. No Strong Chemical Smell

Strong chemical smell

Regular cleaning products are known to have a strong chemical smell.

This can sometimes cause you to sneeze or even cause headaches for people with low tolerance to strong-smelling products.

Green products are made of natural ingredients with pleasant smells in the form of lavender, citrus, lemongrass, and so on.

4. Cost-Effective

One of the reasons why your products should be more eco-friendly is that you get to save more money.

Since green products are made of common items like lemon, vinegar, soda water, and other food-grade safe items, they’re much more cost-effective.

These items are also easy to find in many homes, so buyers will have to spend less.

5. Healthier Environment Equals Healthier People

Many of the benefits that come with using eco-friendly laundry products all revolve around a healthy environment and people.

That is, a healthy environment will lead to healthy people. Because of this, your laundry products should be more eco-friendly.

This way, more and more companies will be pressured into making more green products, leading to a reduction of toxic wastes in the air and water.

This promotes a better environment for animal and plant growth.

6. Eliminate Odors and Stains Effectively

Because green products are natural, they help to deep clean and eliminate odors as much as possible.

You do not have to damage your clothes while trying to remove stains as products like potassium soap work excellently for this.

Bleaching can also be done with active oxygen, an effective disinfectant, bleach, and deodorizer.

When using a natural dishwasher, there will be no scratches to your dishes and the same applies to toilet products.

Disadvantages of Regular Laundry Products

As a result of their high harmful chemical content, regular detergents can cause great harm to the environment and the people using them.

The residues of regular laundry products remain in our clothes when we wash them with them.

When we wear these clothes, the residues can get absorbed by our skin and this can result in certain health problems such as allergies and dermatitis.

Regular laundry, when disposed of, reaches rivers and seas where they have contact with different types of animals and plants, causing harm to them and polluting the environment.

This poses a great threat to the environment and the people.

Why You Should Choose Eco-friendly Products

eco friendly Laundry Products

As noted earlier, the major problem with using regular laundry products is how they impact the environment through contamination.

Eco-friendly products do not contaminate the environment because they do not contain harmful chemical products and as such, do no harm to our health and environment.

Ideally, ingredients like chlorine, dyes, and sulfates found in regular laundry products are replaced with biodegradable ingredients in green products.

These biodegradable ingredients are found in organic crops that are beneficial to the environment and nature.

Ecological laundry products can also help you save more money and energy. For instance, you do not have to wash clothes with hot water, helping you save on energy.

Finally, eco-friendly products have lots of health benefits since we’re not being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Also, the risks of skin problems and allergies are eliminated because likely residues from harmful laundry products are not present in eco-friendly products.

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