Save Money with Beautiful Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

In these tough economic times, it is more important than ever to save money any way you can.

One area that many people forget about is their windows.  You can actually reduce your monthly bills if you simply swap your old windows for new high-performance energy-efficient replacement windows.

Here are beautiful windows to install that are energy efficient and will save you money.

Bay And Bow Windows

These windows are a beautiful way to bring more light into your home.  It’s as simple as hiring a window installation company and you can have an extra bit of space for window seats, decorations, and more storage.

Bay windows come in different shapes and sizes.

When choosing bay and bow windows you should always take into account your climate and the amount of insulation that is already in your home.

If you live somewhere very cold, consider adding thermal curtains or drapes for an extra layer of warmth.

If it’s hot year-round, then consider some deciduous trees around the home as they will be more effective than drapes at keeping out sunlight during those hotter months.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are wonderful because they don’t take up any space on floors or walls, however, they do allow easy access to ventilation and light and can open fully like real doors (but there’s no need for a screen).

There are many benefits of installing awning style windows. They are easy to use, they provide ventilation, and they are typically low maintenance.

For all of these reasons, awning windows are increasingly popular for new window construction or replacement projects.

Awning style windows are often used by people who want the ease of use in an operating window.

Most awnings can open with just the push of a finger so they offer full access to fresh air and sunlight without any hassles.

There are many different styles of awnings and they all offer their own unique benefits.

While researching your purchase, make sure you know what each style offers so you can make an informed purchase.

This knowledge could mean the difference between choosing a window that is right for you and one that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or home’s decor.

Double Hung Windows

“Double hung windows” is not just one type of window; it is actually a description that applies to any window that has two panes (of equal size) inside one frame with sashes (the operating panels) on both sides of the frame.

The term describes how open and close these windows are.

There are many different types of double-hung window styles, but they all have two features in common.

First, each sash can be opened independently which allows you to control airflow and light more easily.

Secondly, these windows are easy to clean because you can remove individual sashes for cleaning or replacement instead of removing an entire frame.

This makes the window a perfect choice for homeowners who want to make cleaning simpler.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are one of the most popular choices on the market today because they open and close easily and offer a great combination of ventilation and privacy.

In climates that get very hot, sliding windows allow you to control airflow without giving up privacy or damaging flooring or walls with swinging windows.

There are many styles of sliding windows so you can choose a style that fits your home’s design aesthetic while also fitting your needs for fresh air and more light.

The different styles of sliding windows are typically available in wood or aluminum/ vinyl.

Aluminum offers a very low maintenance option while still providing all the benefits of glass panels.

The type you choose is largely based on your personal preferences, but both come with important pros and cons that should be considered before installation.

Casement Windows

casement window

Casement windows are opening windows that can rotate up to 90 degrees side-to-side (like opening doors).

They provide ventilation, they open easily helping to eliminate stuffiness within homes, and they can be customized for specific needs.

Casement style windows are ideal for homeowners who want maximum ventilation in every room of their home.

They are great for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms where fresh air can make a big difference in comfort levels.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large fixed glass panels centered within the frame of your home’s exterior walls.

These often create stunning focal points on homes that otherwise might be rather plain because they allow light into your home while still offering some privacy.

Additionally, these types of windows provide an excellent opportunity for homeowners who need space to display collections or favorite pieces of furniture without taking up more floor space indoors.

Because these windows are typically fixed panes, they don’t open, but well-designed picture windows can come with a variety of options within the frame to create unique design elements.

In addition, homeowners often use these types of window sills as focal points for flowers or other decorative items because the sill offers plenty of space for displaying pieces.

Solar Screens/Shades

Solar screens shade your home while also helping keep it cooler during hot summer months; what could be better than that?

These solar screens install directly on the exterior of your home and can block up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

They also reduce glare while maintaining a clear view of the outside so homeowners who have these installed typically find it easier to keep their blinds open even during peak sunlight hours.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are very similar in some ways to window air conditioners, but they work with existing windows instead of installing on exterior walls or within windows.

These types of windows provide additional insulation that helps reduce energy costs year-round, especially during colder months when you’re heating your home with energy from the grid.

Storm windows are able to do this without creating drafts, which means more money staying in your pocket for other things throughout the year.

Replacing your windows is one of the best ways to save money on energy costs and it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

The most important thing to do is make sure you know what style of replacement windows will fit your home’s design while also meeting the basic function and energy use needs for all rooms within your home.

You will also want to consider whether you need additional insulation like solar screens, storm windows, or window air conditioners.

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