5 Tips When Hiring Basement Finishing and Renovation Teams [Ultimate Guide]

If you’re looking for a basement finishing and renovation team, this ultimate guide will help.

It runs through all the top tips to consider, like hiring contractors with a lot of experience, looking at reviews, and making sure that the team you’re interested in is licensed.  Read ahead to learn more.

1. Get Good Prices (No Hidden Charges)

Getting your basement finished can be very expensive. It’s important that you do your research on the contractors in the area, and find someone that doesn’t overcharge.

Be sure to ask the contractors that you’re interested in for estimates.

You would be able to compare the prices for each of them, and see who is the best.

Of course, depending on the time of year it is, you might be able to get a discounted rate on the work that you want done. Ask about this.

2. Friendly & Communicative Contractors

It can take months to finish your basement up. If you’re smart, you’d look for contractors in Guelph that are friendly.

Reviews can help. You’ll be able to see what others have said and hire the friendliest teams. Go through multiple reviews to get the best opinion, though.

3. Look at their Experience

Of course, you should work with as experienced of contractors as possible. You’ll be able to get the best work done.

Plus, you’d know that you’re not going to get scammed, as the team you’re hiring wouldn’t have lasted so long if they weren’t genuine.

Go through the websites of each of all the candidates in your area, then compare their experience and reviews to find the right one for you.

4. Ample Certifications & Awards

If you’re in Guelph basement finishing and renovation teams are easy to find. To filter the best from the rest, look at the qualifications, awards and certifications of the teams in the area.

While on the topic of certifications, I have to mention licenses too.

Although the contractors that you want to hire may be really good, they may not have the proper licensing to practice in your area.

Ultimately working with them can be illegal. If you’re not sure whether they have the proper licensing to work in your area, you can call your local trade union and ask.

5. Fast at Their Job

basement renovation idea

Here’s a pro tip on how to renovate your basement in a proper way – look for a team that works fast.

Materials can go up in price before you know it. Do your research and hire a time that works fast. Some of them can unfortunately take forever. Once again, going through reviews can help.


Answered below are some popular questions.

Is it Worth Finishing Your Basement?

Finishing your basement is one of the best investments that you could make. You would have a large space that you can do anything with. This would drive your property value up, if you’re ever going to sell it.

Plus, you will be able to turn your renovated basement into bedrooms, which would be great if you decide to expand your family.

The fact that you can make the space into an entertainment room is also reason enough to go ahead with the change. You’d have a large space to spend time with your loved ones, which can help you save instead of constantly going out.

What is the Cheapest Way to Finish an Unfinished Basement?

The cheapest way to finish a basement would be to do the job yourself. However, I would not advise you to go this route, especially if you are a newbie.

You can injure yourself (you would be handling a lot of heavy-duty equipment). And you might end up wasting time and money not doing proper repairs, as you are not a professional.

Apart from doing the renovations yourself, the next cheapest way to renovate the space would be to partially finish it instead of trying to do the entire thing.

Also, being mindful of the supplies that you use would help. Try to use recycled materials as much as possible, and try to go for the cheaper design alternatives if possible.

What is the Hardest Part of Finishing a basement?

Typically, the hardest part of finishing a basement is trying to clear the obstructions that are in the way.

Most of the time there are a lot of them, like the pipes, ducts and plumbing that may be on the walls.

This is why you should always work with a professional team, as trying to do all of this yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few things to look for when searching for London basement finishing and renovation teams.

From these, the best has to be to look for teams that are friendly, are well experienced, and do not take much time to do the job that you want either.

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