Is House Insulation Only Important in Winter?

It’s time to talk about a little myth that house insulation is all about keeping your home warm in winter. Certainly, using quality home insulation will do just that.

When the winter months roll around, you want to keep all your warm air where you want it. But how about summer, when it gets hot and you need to cool the house down?

It’s not as simple as opening a window because often it’s even hotter outside. That’s where insulation comes in.

Insulation is for every season

Contrary to popular belief, insulation isn’t just a means of trapping warm air. Rather, it’s all about temperature control no matter the season.

What you’re trying to do is stop air from escaping your home, while preventing it from sneaking in from outside. It’s a concept that works all year round.

In winter, warm air naturally tries to escape your home and cold air from outside wants to get in. Similarly, in summer the warm air is trying to get in and warm up your home when you’d rather keep the nice cool air inside.

Insulation is all about managing airflow, regardless of the temperature outside.

Reducing energy bills

One of the main reasons we use insulation is to reduce our energy bills. Of course, it’s also about improving comfort in your home and also preventing sound transfer.

But the whole idea is to heat or cool your home efficiently, without blasting your air conditioner or heaters all day and night.

Consider the summer months where hot air is trying to get into your home. The more hot air you let in, the harder your air conditioner has to work to maintain a comfortable temperature.

It’s not cheap to run air conditioners, so you want to keep those costs down. In fact, aside from hot water, heating and cooling is the main energy drainer in our homes.

Insulation keeps air where it should be, meaning less reliance on your heating and cooling systems.

One of the main reasons we use metal building insulation like this is to reduce our energy bills.

Ceiling insulation is crucial in summer


It’s no secret that your roof feels the full force of the sun in summer. As your roof heats up, hot ait naturally creeps into your roof cavity.

There are ways to use ventilation to maintain airflow up there, but ultimately that hot air is looking for somewhere to go. Its main target is going to be your ceiling, and subsequently into your home.

Installing highly rated ceiling insulation protects against heat entering your home. But you still need to consider ventilation options in your roof.

This is because you can’t really stop heat building up in your roof cavity, and if it has nowhere to go, you’ll end up with moisture problems.

Insulate your floor for maximum comfort

Have you heard the old saying that hot air rises? Well, it’s more of a scientific fact than a saying. So, consider the structure of your home.

Most homes will have some space under the house, and naturally heat is going to build up there. If that hot air wants to rise, the only place for it to go is through your floors and into your home.

So, for summer, quality underfloor insulation goes a long way to keeping your home cool.

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