11 Swimtastic DIY Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Ideas (with Instructions!)

Do you have a little Bubble Guppies fan singing and dancing around your house?

Then throwing a Bubble Guppies-themed birthday party is an excellent idea!

But hunting for the best DIY Bubble Guppie birthday party ideas can get hectic.

A lot of them don’t have that wow factor, and way too many of them require you to spend a ton of money.

But there’s no need to feel swamped.

I shortlisted some of the best Bubble Guppies birthday party ideas on the internet for you!

Let me run you through them so you can get to executing quickly.

#1 Adorable Outdoor Bubble Party

Event planner and blogger Simply Cheyenne put together an adorable outdoor party for her client’s daughter. It was her second birthday!

The cake and favor table used simple blue table cloth. However, the net over it gave it the charm it needed.

The clear balloons and the gift table frog tied into the birthday theme nicely, but it’s the bubble puppy cake that stole the show!


Make sure you check out the full post on the Simply Cheyenne blog to find the other intricate details of her setup!

#2 Simple and Quick Bubble Guppies Birthday Party

When Paige asked her daughter Baker what birthday party theme she wanted, she confidently responded, “Bubble Guppies!”

But since Paige was traveling with the family less than a week after the birthday, she decided to keep it simple.

She used blue balloons and streamers inside her home and even threw in some pink decorations because she didn’t have enough in blue.

But it’s her outdoor setup with the pool and the bubble table that give the party the fun twist it needed!


Take a peek at Paige’s full plan on her blog Reasons To Come Home.

#3 Low-Cost Bubble Guppies Party

Blogger Julia shares a bunch of fantastic birthday party decorations you can DIY with ease for the Bubble Guppies theme!

The centerpiece is made from a leftover galvanized bucket, some yarn, and some shells. The Oona cutout and a photo of the birthday girl give it a sweet kick of sentiment!


Julia makes more table décor, a backdrop, and even a photo prop for the theme on The Pretty Kitty Blog. Make sure you check it out!

#4 Tiny Bubble Guppies Birthday Party

Helen tapes the characters on blue streamers on the cake table to make it look like they’re swimming!

All the decorations were in blue, and while the party was smaller, Helen probably has the best birthday party food ideas on the list.

She gives the snacks fun names inspired by the show!

The cake was just as intricately put together, with the characters from the show designed in fondant.


Props to Helen for the extraordinary attention to detail! You can find more pictures of the party on her blog Mama’s Baby Steps.

#5 Uncomplicated Bubble Guppies Party

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when throwing a themed birthday party.

But Felicia kept it super uncomplicated for her son’s second birthday.

She made cute birthday party invitations, created some games, and even made an adorable blue wreath!

Her decorations were super simple, but the cake and snacks were true to the Bubble Guppies theme.


Felicia’s uncomplicated approach emphasizes games and food – which is what parties are all about! Check out her full post on Fiestas and Food.

#6 Cute Underwater Theme Party

Jacquelyn decorated her home with blue streamers for her daughter’s second birthday party.

But the green streamers looked like seaweed, sealing the look!

The absolutely gorgeous homemade Mr. Grouper cake was an excellent touch, and the decorations and birthday party favors were also Bubble Guppies themed!


Jacquelyn shares how she pulled it off on her blog Cute Tutes.

#7 Treat-Loaded Bubble Guppies Party

Nothing says “birthday party” better than a cheery M&M cake and pretty cupcakes!

And blogger Spotted Ink had the right idea.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check out how beautiful the treat/favor table looks!


A ton of beach balls and fun games were involved in the party – make sure you take a look at the execution on Spotted Ink.

#8 Bubble-Filled Bubble Guppies Birthday Party

Certified event planner and YouTuber Lakeisha put together a beautiful birthday party for her clients.

Her layout idea was simple: two little tables for the kids, a cute backdrop, and a well-decorated treat table.

However, details like the characters’ cutouts, the fantastic treat names, and most impressively, the balloons and bubbles are what gave the party its charm!

#9 Bubble Guppies Pool Party

YouTuber VivaBella by Xtina put together a Bubble Guppies pool party for her youngest daughter’s third birthday.

The attractive bunting, the hand-drawn characters, adorable blue cake table, the balloon arrangement were fantastic highlights around the pool.

But I liked the themed cupcakes and lollipops the most!

#10 Under the Sea Bubble Guppies Party

The amount of detail in Shannon’s DIY birthday party set up is mind-boggling. The cake table is beautifully decorated with streamers and features all the characters.

The fun treat names are also an excellent touch!

The kitchen counters, too, are decorated accordingly, and the blue lights give it the kitchen a lovely accent.

Shannon went so far as to make handmade outfits for the party!

#11 Fun Bubble Guppies Party

Planning out the right activities for your child’s birthday party is SO important.

And Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids highlights some of the best birthday party games for the Bubble Guppies theme!

“Grouper Says” and “Pin the Tail on the Guppie” are only the start – the blog teaches you how to make a fishing game and set up a bubble wand station.

You can read all about it by clicking here!

And that concludes my list of bubble guppie birthday party ideas!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas, and make sure you have a ton of games and activities planned out.

This list should make all of it a whole lot easier!

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