Keep Your Nosy Neighbor From Getting A Little Too Invasive with These 6 Expert Tips

Living next to a nosy neighbor can be frustrating sometimes. They are always poking around your yard, showing up at your door for “unexpected” visits, and gossiping to everyone in the neighborhood.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep these people from getting too invasive in spite of their best efforts!

1 – Install Some Shutters or Screens

Shutters and screens can be a stylish, but firm way to tell your neighbor to stop prying. You can find a type for every style of home, making them a very versatile option.

Putting up some screens on your porch or in your yard tells neighbors that when they try to peek through the windows that you do not appreciate the uninvited prying.

plantation shutters for privacy

2 – Plant Bushy Trees and Shrubs

People love to be nosy, but they hate not being able to see what’s going on when they try! Take this into consideration when you’re in your yard.

Plant bushy trees and shrubs around your yard to make it harder for them to see what you are doing. You will find that a few tall trees and large bushes will go a long way.

If you can’t plant anything, try placing large potted plants along parts of your house’s exterior wall to block the view altogether.

3 – Hire a Landscaper

If you’d rather not do it yourself, hire a landscaper. They can help make sure your yard looks beautiful and well-kept without having to pay too much extra effort on your part!

They will also know exactly what type of plants are best for you. They have expert knowledge on which plants will grow fastest, covering potential gaps in your current fencing, as well as which plants are the best for your needs and area.

4 – Put Up Some Fencing

If you really don’t feel like doing any landscaping, try building a fence on your property line to make it harder for them to see the inside of your house or yard.

If they do start asking questions, just let them know that you’ve had some problems with trespassers in the past. That should keep them away long enough for you to get your nosiness problem under control.

5 – Keep Your Fence in Good Condition

Keep Your Fence in Good Condition

If you have a fence, make sure it is in good condition. take a look around and see if anything is out of place. If there are any holes in the fence, make sure to patch them up before they start asking questions!

If it looks like it could use some work, they will feel more comfortable taking a closer look inside. A new coat of paint or fix on the fence can give your property an entirely new appearance without making any changes to its structure.

If you need to replace your fence entirely, a few good options include iron, cedar, or aluminum. Choosing a durable material will ensure that you can keep your privacy intake with minimal upkeep.

This is also a good time to build your fence a little bit taller. This is a clear message to your neighbor that you do not enjoy them poking around when they are not invited.

6 – Just Talk to Them

If all else fails, you can always just talk to them. Don’t be mean about the situation and let the conversation happen naturally.

Maybe they don’t realize that they’re being too invasive in your yard and in your life! If this is the case, just explain why you feel this way and why you would like them to stop.

You might find that they are genuinely unaware of how invasive their behavior has been. If they know that it’s not okay then hopefully they’ll stop before getting too invasive in the future!

If you are not a confrontational person then just talk to them. Make small talk with your neighbors, you can keep an eye on what they say about other people in the neighborhood, and make sure you’re not giving them any red flags.

Sometimes a bit of kindness is all that is needed.

Nosy neighbors can be annoying, but there are ways to keep them from getting too invasive. If you’re not the confrontational type then just talk to them about their nosiness and politely ask for less of it.

For those who want more aggressive solutions, try some landscaping tricks like tall trees or bushes that block your house’s view entirely. You could also install a fence on your property line if you don’t feel like doing any other work yourself!

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