How Does Light Affect the Overall Aesthetics of Your Home?

When designing your home, one of the things that you need to carefully think about is lighting.

This is because lighting can make the difference between an exemplary interior design and a poorly designed one.

You need to even think beyond the color palette of your home lighting when choosing what to have in your home.

You should also be thinking about the visual appeal affects your choice of lighting will have on your home as well as the feelings of everyone that stays with you.

Lighting has a powerful effect on our lives. It is known to affect things such as our mental health conditions, productivity, and energy levels.

If you are not sure about the kind of lighting to have in your home, you can consult a professional interior designer since they know how they can use light to change how a space looks.

Effects of Light on the Aesthetics of Your Home

Effects of Light on the Aesthetics

Depending on the design of your home, you can have different lighting designs fitted to improve its aesthetics.

However, one of the most important things to do is to make sure that you have balanced light intensity for comfort especially if you spend a considerable amount of time working from home.

With the help of interior designers, you can measure the intensity of your light in lux units to ensure that it fits your requirements and does not have any negative effect on your productivity.

Light affects several things, key among them;


Functionality is one of the most important roles of lighting when it comes to the aesthetics of your home.

The theme you choose for your lighting should serve a certain purpose, and if it does not, then you are just wasting your power source.

For instance, people do not place chandeliers in open, large foyers, rooms, or even entryways just because they provide them with a central placement.

They also provide them with a perfect illumination of the areas where they are placed.

When it comes to wall lights, they are supposed to add visual size and length to a room or even an entryway while at the same time lighting the way.

This means that you should be careful when choosing the style of lighting for your home.

It should provide you with the best luminescent and directional setting for your home.

In addition, install task-specific lights (learn more) at different areas of your house to serve certain tasks and functions.

Color Management

Did you know that you can use lighting to subtract or add to the colors of your home, in certain rooms, or the surfaces that have been enhanced by the lights you have installed?

Well, if you use dark colors in your room, you make the room feel cramped and smaller.

On the other hand, light colors on walls make a room feel brighter, larger, and smart.

Despite the colors of your walls, you can use lighting to change their perspective.

This is because the light reflecting the surface of your walls dictates the illusion of a room.

You need to choose the right lights to ensure that your walls are properly illuminated.

You can even use directional lighting to soften the colors of your walls.

If you would like to illuminate the floor, then you can consider recessed lighting which does a great job at that.

In addition, make sure to add lighting hung from the roof of your room, but place it in the middle of the room.

This provides wall lighting and ambient illumination of the room.

Directional Lighting

Using Directional Lighting

When adding lighting in your home, for instance in a certain room, you should decide on whether you need the lighting to highlight certain parts of the room or to light the entire room.

One of the best examples to consider for positional lighting is track lighting. It is usually hung above the ceiling and comes with adjustable lamps and necks that you can point towards a certain direction.

However, you do not have to hang them from the ceiling. You can also mount them on the room walls to point them in the direction of your choice.

Additionally, you can consider getting mirror frames and special pictures with built-in lighting systems that can be used for directional lighting.

If you want vertical light beams in certain areas of your home, then consider installing recessed lighting on the ceilings and floors of those areas.

This ensures that you choose the best lighting for your home.


Finally, man-made and natural lighting is very important when it comes to the illusion of your home.

If you have some dark rooms in your house, then you should consider bringing in full-spectrum lighting because, without sufficient lighting, the room will feel cramped and smaller.

You also need to ensure that you have the right types of lighting in every room in your home.

This is because of the effect of lighting on different aspects of life including sleep and productivity.

With proper lighting, you will improve the overall aesthetics of every single room in your house.

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