DIY: How to Cover Your Phone Cords

Thinking of giving a new look to those out and about weathered old charging cords? We all love that pristine white or black minimalist look of our phone cords and cables, but for how long?

Imagine the tasteful bedside lamp for the perfect home décor, and you notice the pale white, somewhat messy cord popping out from the side. The time to hide is gone, let’s add some color to those dull phone cords, and make them way cuter than you’d ever thought.

There are endless DIYs for covering your phone cord, but we’ll keep it crisp and pretty. We will learn how to make fabric cord covers with only the basic skills and supplies, so you can get the chic cord done in a matter of 30 minutes to the max.

In this article, we have followed YouTuber, Kiki Garcia, a pro at making DIYs, and easy home décor tricks.


Before you start, get all your supplies together so you can dive in at your creative best!

  • Any fabric of your choice
  • A white crayon or fabric marker
  • All-purpose glue/Hot-glue gun
  • Two strings (Shoelaces work just fine!)
  • An iron


01 Measure the Cord

Step 1

First, we will begin by measuring the cord’s length, followed by cutting out the required length of fabric.

Place the measuring tape alongside the lower end of the cord (not the adapter side), and stop where it connects to the adapter. Say, in this case, 40 inches.

View this step in the video below from 0:33-0:41.

02 Measure the Fabric

Step 2

Next, measure the fabric equal to the length of the cord. If the fabric is short, we can instead use two pieces of fabric and join them together. (As in the video below)

Now, measure the width of the fabric. In this video, we have kept the fabric about 3 inches wide, but you can increase or decrease it depending on your cord’s insert size.

We will mark the width and length on the fabric with the white crayon to make it visible when you cut it out. If you are using two pieces, measure out the remaining piece as well.

View this step in the video below from 0:42-1:56.

03 Cut and Join the Fabric

Step 3

To make it easier to trace a straight line, you can place the measuring tape on the top and bottom marks on the fabric, and then cut it out.

Place the two pieces on top of each other, the one below facing up and the other facing downward. Now, join the two pieces of fabric using an all-purpose glue or a hot glue gun.

Once you have pasted it, let it rest for a while. Gently pull the two ends to ensure the pieces are correctly joined and hold together.

View this step in the video below from 2:00-2:39.

04 Making the Cover

Step 4

Fold 1/8th of an inch from both sides of the cut-out fabric. Iron it, so it holds the shape quicker and better.

Now, place a string on one corner of the fabric, about 1 inch away from the end. Fold the fabric around the string, glue it, and press down. Repeat the same for the other end as well.

Now, put glue on one of the fabric’s folded sides, join the other side, and press down. Continue this to make the cover or roll. Quickly iron it, so the glue dries out faster.

View this step in the video below from 3:08-4:00.

Once dry, put the charger cord inside the cover. Push the cord, pull the fabric back and down, and repeat till you reach the end. You can then tie a cute bow with the string on end and cut out the extras for both sides.

And your cord cover ready!

View this step in the video below from 4:02-4:40.

Full Video

You can watch the complete DIY video or have a quick look at the segments to learn more about it.




Can I use wide ribbons instead of fabric?

Yes, you can surely use a wide ribbon of your choice. Its fabric should be wide enough to hold the cord inside after you have folded it from both sides.

We have used fabric instead of ribbon as it allows a better choice of width. It is essential to fold the sides uniformly throughout the cover as it helps in holding the shape of the cover.

If the ribbon is not wide enough, the folded sides of the fabric will not hold, and your cord cover can get ruined easily.

Additional Tips

Before you decorate your phone charger or any other cord, remember to check that no wire is sticking out of the cord. This can later become an issue in using the charger.

Creativity knows no boundaries, so try out your unique ideas on how to cover your phone cord with fabric and give them a new revamped look. Not just your phone or tablet charger cords, but also wired earbuds or earpods, or even the random wiring around and behind your TV, lamps and chandeliers; you can revamp them all.

Combine this project with your own DIY phone charging station, and you’ll have a great looking pair!

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