Signs That You Need to Replace Your Loft Ladder

Having a loft is great; not only does it provide you with some extra storage to place your household goods, if converted into another room entirely, it can significantly increase the value of your property.

However, one thing which is often neglected or just forgotten when you have a loft is your access point and its health.

Just like everything in life, nothing lasts forever, including your loft ladder.

So, if you have a loft in your home and use a ladder to access it, you’ll need to make sure that it is safe to use by inspecting it regularly and looking out for tell-tale signs that it needs replacing.

But don’t panic, if you’re unsure of what to look out for, this blog is here to help!

Loft Ladder Inspection Checklist

The number one reason for replacing your old loft ladder comes down to safety. If your loft ladder is not up to scratch, you run the risk of yourself or anybody else using it falling and getting injured.

Therefore, it is important to regularly conduct a thorough inspection of your loft ladder to identify any of the following signs that will need to be replaced.

Faulty sliding mechanism

As most loft ladders take advantage of a sliding mechanism to aid ascension and descension, this is one of the most important parts of the ladder that need to be checked.

Over time as the extendable loft ladder gets used, the sliding mechanism can become sticky which prevents it from operating smoothly. However, this can be easily fixed by applying lubricant.

If the problem persists after this, then you’ll need to start thinking about getting your ladder replaced.

Worn foot grips

The next sign that you’ll need to look out for on your loft ladder is worn foot grips on your ladder’s feet.

These help to keep the ladder stabilized when you’re climbing up and down so these must be checked as often as possible.

If these have become worn and your ladder is resting on the bare floor, the risk of your ladder slipping is increased dramatically, which again can lead to a fall and injury.

Replace your ladder feet if they have worn out or replace the loft ladder completely.

Damaged handrail

If like many loft ladders, your ladder has been fitted with a handrail, this will need to also be inspected to ensure it’s still safe and suitable to use.

Handrails are fitted to provide the user with an extra bit of support when climbing up and down and are susceptible to becoming loose over time.

The grp modular handrail is easy to assemble and can be purchased with an Alley key to tighten and loosen as necessary. To know more about this visit the Steel Products Direct website.

So, if you check and notice that your ladder’s handrail is not as secure as it once was or should be, then it will need to be repaired.

If it is past the point of repair, then you will need to replace your ladder.

Loose or damaged treads

wooden loft ladder

The fourth and final sign that indicates that your loft ladder will need replacing is loose or damaged treads.

Of course, the treads of your ladder are what you use to make your way up and down it, therefore, if any are loose or damaged, you again run the risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Treads become loose or damaged as a result of misuse, overloading the maximum weight threshold or simply wear and tear.

So, if you notice any treads that have become compromised, you will need to replace your ladder immediately as you cannot operate the ladder safely without all treads present in full working order.

And there you have it! The four signs that you need to be looking out to see whether your loft ladder will need to be replaced.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand what you need to keep an eye out for when it comes to the safe use of your loft ladder.

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