Why Does Mold Build Up In My Shower?

Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the most vulnerable area to mold growth.

It harbors the perfect conditions that mold spores need to start growing, and it can go unnoticed for a while. It is hard to control mold, but it is preventable with a few daily actions.

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Read on to learn more about mold and why it grows in your bathroom.

Why Is the Bathroom Vulnerable to Mold?

Mold requires three key factors to begin growing; it needs moisture, humidity, and dead organics to feed on.

A bathroom provides all of these, and every time someone uses a shower, there is excess moisture, warm air, and dead skin cells.

Baths and showers often use grout and silicone sealants that prevent leaks and dirt accumulation, but they are perfect areas for mold.

Sealants like these are porous, offering mold spores a home to embed themselves into and spread.

Once mold starts growing in your bathroom, it can be hard to manage as the consistent use of this space only enables its growth. It will begin to spread quickly and continue to come back without proper remediation.

How to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

installing shower fan to reduce mold

To prevent mold from growing in your bathroom, you need to take some action to remove elements from the area.

If your bathroom has acceptable humidity levels, low moisture content, and no organic matter, mold will be less likely to grow.

Although this may seem hard, keeping your bathroom clean and wiping down moisture after a shower or bath prevents it.

Some ways to stop mold from growing in your bathroom are:

  • Installing an exhaust fan
  • Open the windows after use
  • Cleaning shower curtains and mats often
  • Wiping down excess moisture with a squeegee
  • Using a dehumidifier after use
  • Dry towels in ventilated areas

What to Do If You See Mold in the Shower

looking at mildew on shower walls

If you spot mold in your bathroom, you must not attempt to clean it yourself. Wiping away surface mold with DIY solutions or commercial cleaning products may appear to work at first, but it will return.

Mold spores are always around us, so even if you do seem to remove the mold permanently, it just grows back in time.

This happens due to the persistent spore presence and invisible areas the mold has embedded itself into.

To prevent the mold from spreading further, you can follow the above steps to halt its progression, but this is not guaranteed. To eliminate mold, you need a mold removal company.

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*subject to advisories

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