How Owning a Home Can Help Parents Raise Children

Becoming a parent is an amazing blessing. When you bring life into this world, those children become your legacy.

Few things can provide as much joy as hearing those first words from a baby or witnessing them learn about the world around them.

However, the benefits of having children also come with plenty of challenges.

Keeping young children alive is difficult enough. If you want them to grow up to be healthy and happy, then even more work is required.

If you are a parent, you need all the help you can get to raise that child in the Portland, OR area.

While parenting books, grandparents, close friends, schools, and other resources play a big role in the development of a child, one tool that you have at your disposal that can make a big difference is your home.

How can owning a home help you raise a child more effectively? Let’s discuss the benefits.

Time Outdoors

It is silly to question the health benefits of spending time outdoors. A sedentary lifestyle is proven to be harmful to physical and mental wellness, so spending time outside is naturally an improvement.

Owning a home typically comes with outdoor space that children can use to run around, play, and be creative.

You have a big advantage over renters because they do not have private spaces where their children can play with 100% safety, whereas you have more control over your own yard.

Plus, you can set up plenty of outdoor toys and activities for the kids to interact with.

Play encourages development and the health benefits of sun and fresh air cannot be replicated inside.

Teaching Responsibility

Owning a home comes with household chores. Getting the whole family involved in chores is a great way to teach responsibility.

Even at a young age, children are capable of helping out around the house with tasks like laundry, washing dishes, lawn maintenance, and weeding.

While they may not do as good of a job as you would, learning these skills can benefit their brain development as well as their understanding of responsibility.

Caring for a Garden

Caring for a garden

Along the lines of learning responsibility, having a garden to take care of can teach children valuable lessons about the importance of caring for the planet and keeping plants alive.

Many gardening activities are very simple and can be done by young children, such as weeding, planting, and watering.

Forming these habits when they are young can make them easier to maintain as they get older.

They will gain an appreciation for nature, spend more time outside, and learn about the science of how things grow.

Designated Play Room

One of the greatest advantages of owning a home for parents is having the space to create a designated play space.

If you have an extra room in the house or a particularly large living area, then it could be transformed into a playroom.

Age-appropriate toys can help with various developmental stages. Sensory activities can teach children about the five senses and engage their minds more effectively.

Opportunities to be creative with building toys or other customizable items can challenge their minds to come up with ideas.

Make sure to include plenty of storage options for toys and some wall art with bold colors to add life to the space.

Learning About Safety

While a home is a safe haven for your family, that does not mean there are no risks involved.

There are plenty of systems in the home that could present a danger to those inside.

A sewage system could get clogged and back up into the basement, resulting in toxic water that will require professional restoration from a Portland water damage firm.

An electrical spark could start a fire anywhere in the home. Cooking can lead to fires as well if care is not taken.

The home is full of opportunities to teach your children about safety, which will also be relevant when they leave the home and spend time with other people.

Using What You Have to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

As mentioned previously, raising kids can be challenging. You have to teach them how to navigate a world that is full of questions.

It is also up to you to help them enjoy life to its fullest. Balancing these two goals requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail.

If you are a homeowner in Portland, OR, then you have to use the tools available to aid in your journey.

A home opens up possibilities for teaching children responsibility, involving them in maintaining a garden, having instant access to private outdoor spaces, creating a designated playroom, and teaching them about general safety.

Take advantage of these benefits to set your children up for long and happy lives.

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