8 Ninja Turtle Room Decor Ideas to Transform Your Kids’ Bedroom into a Playful Space

Ever since their on-screen debut in 1984, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has grabbed the imagination of kids.

The fierce little green ninja turtles in half shells have crossed the path of many evil and become victorious.

If your kid is a fan of Ninja Turtles, have a look at these Ninja Turtle room decor ideas to transform their bedroom. I am sure they will love them!

Let’s dig in.

#1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Pipe Manhole Cover Centerpiece

The famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live in the sewers of NYC, right?

You can build on the idea to create the impact of a turtle coming out of a sewer pipe right in the middle of the bedroom. Wouldn’t that be cool?

All you need to create the WOW factor are ordinary items like PVC pipe and a styrofoam disk. Spray paint the clean PVC pipe with metallic silver color. Sandpaper few places to reveal the white plastic below the paint for a weathered look.

Get a sewer cover design printed and pasted on the cover. Place the mutant ninja in the PVC pipe and arrange the cover as if the ninja is breaking his way to the surface.

ninja turtle diy center piece

Tonya Coleman writes how she created the sewer pipe manhole look on Soiree Event Design.

#2 Ninja Turtle Shells

The ninja turtle shells look great stacked on the walls in the kids’ room, like armors ready to turn your little one into a fierce ninja!

You can repurpose old tin pans to create the shells. Gently pull and turn the tin pans into an oval shape. Push out the indentations of the original pan and level out the creases.

Use a stencil kit to highlight the turtle shells. Cover it in green spray paint. Take a knife and make two slits on each side of the turtle shells to thread ribbon in them.


Our second entry to the list is also from Soiree Event Design. See the tutorial here.

#3 Ninja Canvas Prints

Twist your Ninja prints with the canvas prints. Canvas prints are an effortless idea to give your wall the complete green look that your decor desires. Getting the canvas prints of Ninja Turtle will get your boring and lifeless wall into life again.

You have plenty of options available at your end from where you can have your canvas prints, but the one in the spotlight is Canvaspop’s canvas prints. They provide you with numerous options to choose from sizes, fame types, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite Ninja Turtle illustrations and get your canvas prints for your boring walls today.

#4 Mutant Ninja Wall Decor

One of the easiest Ninja Turtle bedroom decorations, the wall decor will bring back the green dudes back in style.

Spray paint styrofoam discs in green color; around three coats would be enough. Cut fleece fabric to the desired length (leave a little tail) and a pair of eyes from the styrofoam.

Glue the styrofoam eyes on the fabric and attach the band to the disc. Use a sharpie to draw the nose and mouth.

It is just so easy! Hang them on the wall against other Ninja Turtle memorabilia.


Kim Conner has created this easy DIY tutorial on her blog, Inspiration Made Simple.

#5 Paper Lantern Mutant Ninja

Give a twist to the usual kids’ bedroom lighting options with the Mutant Ninja paper lanterns.

A truly easy DIY, make a bunch of these and hang them from the ceiling for a complete Ninja Turtle bedroom look!

Inflate the green paper lanterns. Cut a strip of orange fabric and glue two large eyes with card stock or felt.

Wrap the mask around the green lantern and pin it together. Place a bulb socket inside and hang it.


Check out the beautiful Mutant Ninja paper lanterns over at Amy Latta Creations, by Amy Latta.

#6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Ornaments

These teenage mutant ninja ornaments are a great DIY to decorate the kids’ room and repurpose them as Christmas lighting!

You need glass or plastic balls. Paint them in green acrylic color. Mark a bandana around the ball and color blue, red, orange, or purple. Mix up the colors between the balls.

Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the dried balls. The eyes should be within the bandana, remember! Practice a few times before doing this. Give it a glossy finish with modge-podge.

Hang these ornaments near the bed or along with other Mutant Ninja memorabilia.


Go through the whole DIY process explained by Leandrea Voskanian on Coupons Are Great.

#7 Ninja Nunchucks

What’s a mutant ninja without his pair of nunchucks?! If you are making the turtle shells given on #2, these ninja nunchucks are the perfect accessory.

I remember making them during my first camping trip. You need two paper towel cardboard rolls. Color them with acrylic paint.

Punch two holes on each roll using a hole punch . Cut a length of ribbon and thread it through the holes, and the ninja nunchucks are ready!

In fact, make more than a pair of these, like the turtle shells, for your kid and his friends when they come to play.

Hang them with the turtle shells when not in use.


See Allison McDonald and her son DIY the ninja nunchucks on a quiet summer afternoon, on No Time For Flash Cards.

#8 Mutant Ninja Turtle Stick Puppets

The ninja turtle stick puppets are ideal for kids from 3 to 6 years of age.

Paint multiple styrofoam balls with a dark green color. Push craft sticks into the ball, as you see in puppets.

Cut strips of felt depending on the size of the styrofoam balls. Use styrofoam to create eyes and glue them on the felt strips. A permanent marker can be used to add a nose and mouth.

The turtle stick puppets are ready.

DIY a stack of these ninja turtles stick puppets and keep them on shelves in your kids’ room. Whenever he wants to play with his friends, hand over the bunch.


Our second entry from Amy Latta Creations gives you a sneak peek in creating these beautiful little puppets.

If you want a theme oriented renovation for your kids’ bedroom, let these Ninja Turtle room decor ideas guide you!

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