Guide on Residential Roof Inspection Before Adding Solar Panels

Homeowners, following the positive example of friends or neighbors, may want to install solar panels on their roofs.

Or maybe, this plan arose even independently, from the awareness of the prospects and importance of green energy.

However, no matter how wonderful and useful this idea is, not every roof can be suitable for the installation of batteries immediately.

Equipping the roof with solar panels is an expensive project. And if you don’t want to redo all the work soon after installation, first objectively assess the condition of your roof.

Follow this guide on residential roof inspection to see if work can be started right away or if your roof needs to be repaired first.

Why you should prepare for solar panel installation

The installation of solar panels allows you to get the benefits, but you shouldn’t forget about the responsibilities.

The panels will last for many years, if the preparatory work was carried out correctly. To do this, it is better to contact experts who will help to find flaws and fix them in advance.

Preparing for the installation of the system will provide answers to the main questions. First of all, you will be able to find an additional source of funding.

The development of the project and the subsequent installation costs money, so outside help will not be superfluous.

The federal government offers a loan of 26% of the set sum. To do this, you need to provide an expert opinion, which is drawn up after the inspection of the roof of your home.

In this way, the amount of costs can be significantly reduced.

The inspection of the roof by experts allows you to determine the degree of compliance of the structure and the requirements of the system.

Examination of the condition of the roof ensures that the solar panels will last the allotted time. Self-inspection is often accompanied by errors and increased costs.

Can I Evaluate My Roof Without Specialists?

High-quality solar panels are valued not only for greater energy efficiency but also for the duration of their operation. By installing them, you must be sure that your roof will not require repairs for another 20-25 years.

Therefore, it is believed that new and strong roofs are more suitable for these purposes. If you changed it no more than five years ago or moved into a new house, there should not be much cause for concern.

However, if it is older than this age, it is better to invite a professional.

Professional services for roof assessment

Specialists conduct an inspection of the roof to write a report on the current condition. The inspection manages to uncover deficiencies that could have a negative impact on the solar panels.

By entrusting this task to professionals, homeowners take the necessary precautions.

Evaluation of the roofing by professionals makes it possible to form an objective opinion on the basis of the obtained data.

Self-inspection will not bring such a result, because the lack of experience plays against the owners. Professional evaluation of the condition of the roof offers the opportunity to use the services of experienced specialists.

Several factors (material of manufacture, orientation of the roof, location relative to the horizon) influence the results of the inspection.

A thorough inspection ensures that all of these points are taken into account and the result corresponds to reality.

The main reason to seek help is the real assessment to avoid problems in the future. Services of specialists allow you to make sure that your roof is ready for the installation of solar panels.

In this way, you can avoid difficulties during the installation process.

By What Parameters Should You Evaluate Your Roof?

roof inspection

There are a few mandatory variables that you need to evaluate to understand how ideal your roof is for a solar energy project:

  • Strength. Solar panels have their weight, which will give an additional load on the structural elements. This weight is roughly equivalent to the second layer of shingles.
  • Material. The ideal material compatible with solar panels is metal. Tiled roofs are also good. The least suitable materials are slate due to its fragility and wood due to a certain risk of fire. However, this does not mean that wooden and slate roofs are completely unsuitable for these purposes. It’s just that the installation process will be more complicated and, therefore, more expensive.
  • Roof angle. The contractor can install solar panels at almost any inclination angle, but 30 degrees is optimal. If the roof is too steep, direct sunlight will not be able to reach it, and, therefore, electricity generation will be lowered. With a flat roof, the challenge is a little easier: the panels will be raised to the desired angle using a bracket.
  • Orientation of the roof to the sides of the horizon. This factor is more difficult to influence, but contractors have learned to somewhat regulate the orientation of the panels. The roof is best suited if one of its slopes faces south. The southeast and southwest directions are also quite effective.
  • Roof shading. If tall trees grow near the house that cast a shadow on it, they will have to be cut down. But if there are other buildings near the house, they can prevent you from getting the full effect of using solar panels. In such a case, you need to think about the feasibility of the project.
  • Roof irregularities. Any bulges will be an obstacle to the installation of panels, and, therefore, it is important to understand their nature and eliminate them.

Inspecting your roof for important indicators allows you to make a project and get calculation results that correspond to reality.

Obtaining an additional source of funding will also be considered in advance, which means that you can prepare for the work ahead.

If your roof isn’t as perfect as you expected, don’t despair. This is not a reason to abandon the project.

The 26% tax credit provided by the federal government for the transition of homeowners to green energy allows the cost of roof reconstruction to be included in the overall project budget.

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