6 Signs That Prove You Need Water Heater Repair Service

The water heater is the most overlooked appliance in your home. Until you wake up to a cold shower, only then do most homeowners realize its importance. The water heater works round the clock strenuously and is bound to breakdown at some point.

However, it’s essential for you to notice the vital signs of a breakdown and take the right steps to ensure that your water heater system is up and running.

When you detect the following signs, it’s time to call expert plumbers near you like Same Day Hot Water Service to seek emergency attention and continue to enjoy hot showers:

1. Irregular Water Temperature

If you notice fluctuating water temperature, it is an indicator that there might be a problem with your water heater. The most common reason behind this issue can be the accumulation of mineral deposits that tend to build up over time.

Depending on whether your water heater is old or new, it may be time for a replacement. Ask professionals to take a look and suggest the best course of action.

2. Water Discoloration

It goes without saying that the water that should come out of your tap should be colorless. Though at times it may seem hazy due to high pressure, if you see brownish, rusty or dark colored water, your water heater may be the culprit.

Due to sedimentation, corrosion or rusty pipes, water can change color. In this case, it can pose a serious health hazard. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek emergency assistance from local plumbers in Australia like Same Day Hot Water Service to clean up or drain your water heater.

3. Noises Coming from the Tank

As the heating system starts to age, it can begin to make funny sounds due to sediment build up in the tank. If you hear rumbling, popping or banging sounds, it’s time to call a water heater service plumber to identify the causes and fix it.

If you overlook the sounds, it can cause damage to the walls of the water heater and result in expensive repairs or replacement.

4. Leakage

plumber repairing an hotwater heater

Besides noise, other reasons can impair your water heater system’s structure leading to leakages. If you find pools of water around the bottom of the tank and appliance, this is an obvious sign to call the experts.

If you ignore the leakage, it can pose a risk of flooding or severe failure in the future. The leakage may arise from the valves, tank or other connections.

Only a qualified plumber can inspect your system and carry out the needed repairs to fix the leakage.

5. You Run Out of Hot Water

Have you noticed that you run out of hot water all of a sudden? This is another sign that could denote that one of the elements is not functioning efficiently and affects your water heater’s performance.

It could be common, especially during the winters. Therefore, before the onset of winter months, it’s recommended to get your water heater system inspected to prevent outages.

6. Corrosion

You can tell if your water heater is rusted if it shows on the outside or if you have discolored water. A corroded water heater may signify that it’s time to get it replaced.

You may try to get the rusty parts or heat exchanger replaced or repaired as a temporary solution. However, check with a licensed water heater repair and service professional to know if it’s time to invest in your water heater system’s replacement.

Most water heaters are designed to last for an average of 8 to 12 years. To make the most of its heating potency and extend the lifespan, it’s essential to carry out periodic maintenance and service of your water heater.

Therefore look out for a credible plumber like Same Day Water Heater Service for impeccable service and improved water heater longevity.

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