Five Signs You Have a Slab Leak That Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Imagine that you hear water dripping as soon as you enter your washroom. You’ll immediately know that there’s a leak and you usually don’t have trouble detecting the source of the leak as well.

However, when it comes to slab leaks, they are a bit complicated and not as easy as a bathroom or kitchen pipe leak.

A slab leak occurs beneath the concrete slabs in your home, which means that it can be annoying and frustrating to detect them.

The good part is that detecting them isn’t impossible, so there’s no need for you to panic.

What are Slab Leaks?

A slab leak refers to a leak that develops in the copper water pipes that are placed under the concrete foundation of your house.

The term ‘slab’ refers to the surface or the floor in your basement, which is the foundation of your house or the floor your house is placed on.

Slab leaks can occur due to the long-term rotting of pipes under the house and are relatively common in places where earthquakes frequently occur.

The earthquakes cause the foundation of the house to shake up and move things from their place.

Why Should You Care About Slab Leaks?

If left unattended, slab leaks can be dangerous as the water can cause serious damage and long-term issues to your property.

Imagine how your property will look if the water seeps into the house from tiny holes and cracks.

What Are The Signs Of Slab Leakage?

Increased Water Bills

Now, don’t we all dread increased bills, whether it’s electricity or water? One of the first things that should strike you strange, even before you come across the leak, is the increased bill.

If your routine hasn’t changed even a bit and you are still involved in the same water-related activities, then increased bills without an explanation could be a problem for you.

This is because when you have a leak, the water keeps running 24/7, even if all the taps in the house are closed.

If you inspect the house and find no leak in the pipes, then it means that you have a slab leak problem.

Hot Spots on the Flooring

plumber using a wrench to repair and remove the water supply pipe

80% of the time, people come across hot spots on the floor when they discover that they have a slab leak. If there’s a slab leak, you will notice a persistently hot area on the floor that isn’t going away.

This occurs because the hot water leaks into the ground and heats the concrete that is above it. Once the concrete becomes warm, your floor will also begin to heat up.

If you have carpeted inside your house, make sure that you lift it to check the flooring, so the slab leak doesn’t go unnoticed.

Flooring that is Wet or Damaged

Whenever you face a water leak, the water is not going to disappear into thin air, right? So if you are facing a slab leak, then the water will come up to the surface as it should.

Imagine how much damage will the water do when it makes its way to flooring? If you have hardwood flooring, then the water will do more damage and cause the floorboards to warp.

However, with carpeted flooring, you will have to be more careful in detecting the leak as you can’t see the water seeping in until you feel that some parts of the carpet are wet.

And if that issue is found, then you need to find a professional to help who has slab leak repair experience.

The Noise of Water Dripping

We understand how irritating it can be to wake up from an otherwise peaceful sleep in the middle of the night due to the noise of water dripping.

Like any normal person, you should check all the taps in your house to see if there’s any leak. If all the taps are tightly shut, you should inspect all the pipes next.

Let’s assume that the pipes are also in perfect condition and nothing is wrong with them. What’s next? If you can’t figure out any other source of the noise, then it has to be a slab leak from under the foundation of the house.

Low Water Pressure

If you detect a low water pressure when taking a shower and doing the dishes, then you might need to examine all your pipes.

A slab leak could be taking away all your water pressure, so before things get worse, follow the preventative measures and call for them as soon as possible.

Suspect a Slab Leak? Contact A Plumber Now!

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