16 Sock Drawer Organizer DIY Options So You’ll Never Lose Another Sock

Put spring cleaning into high gear with our sock drawer organizer DIY options to improve storage and live clutter-free.

All kinds of socks – casual, cozy, sheer, athletic, winter – cohabitate in the sock drawer. They are thrown together, and become impossible to find the one you actually need.

What is the solution?

Here are the DIY sock drawer organizer options. With a bit of time investment and using items in your home, you can create compartmentalized sock drawer options.

Let’s dig in!

#1 Basic Cardboard Sock Drawer Organizer

Let’s begin with the simplest form of sock drawer organizer.

All you need is good quality cardboard. Cut into vertical and horizontal pieces depending on the drawer size and the number of compartments required.

Arrange the cut cardboard pieces in the desired pattern, and the sock drawer organizer is ready. Color the cardboard for a nice look!


The detailed tutorial from Home Edit walks you through the process of cardboard sock drawer variations.

#2 Cedar Drawer Inserts

Cedar drawer inserts are recommended for woolen sock arrangement. Cedar wood keeps the drawer free from pests and months and will protect the socks.

You need cedar wood, cut in the size of the drawer, and line the insides with it. You can further create compartments to bundle up the woolen socks together. They will remain safe all year round.

Cedar Drawer Inserts

The DIY Network blog shows how to build cedar drawer liners. Have a look!

#3 Four Slot Sock Drawer

Keep it neat – four dedicated drawers than endless small drawers for every pair of sock.

Use corrugated cardboard left from previous DIY’s and decorate it with contact paper patterns.

The corrugated cardboard vertical and horizontal pieces should connect perfectly at the center and not have a wobbly effect.

Four Slot Sock Drawer

The Homes I Have Made demonstrates the exact process of making the four slot sock drawer using material available at home.

#4 Accordion DIY Socks Organizer

You can DIY an accordion shaped sock organizer using felt. Felt is smooth, easy to fold, and strong enough to work as a sock storage option. Felt will not spoil the cloth materials as well.

Four or five sheets of felt are glued together using a hot glue gun and cut into the shape of an accordion. Open the design and place it in the sock drawer. Put each pair into different accordion slots.

The YouTube video by Maison ZiZou demonstrates how to make the accordion DIY sock organizer. Don’t miss it!

#5 Fold, Don’t Roll

How many times have we discarded a pair of socks because the elasticity went out?!

This is a hack that many are unaware of; that is, you should always fold socks in half instead of rolling it up to prevent stretching out the elastic.

Folded socks take less drawer space than the rolled ones. You can stack them as it is in the drawer or put little cardboard or felt compartments to segregate it. Either way, you can store more socks than the usual amount.

Martha Stewart’s video on YouTube shows how to fold and store the socks in your drawer correctly.

#6 PVC Pipe Organizer

Get creative with PVC pipes! Measure the height of the drawer and cut the PVC pipe into small rolls one-inch less than the drawer height.

Sand the sharp edges. Glue colorful contact papers on them or add multiple coats of any paint. Wait until dry, and the smell of paint has vanished.

Arrange them in the drawer and put a pair of sock in every PVC holder.

PVC Pipe Organizer

Infarrantly Creative walks you through creating these beautiful closet PVC pipe organizers for your drawer.

#7 Paper Cards Sock Organizer

An easy and fun DIY – this will barely take 30 minutes. In fact, it’ll take you less time than it does to DIY your own socks!

You need good quality paper cards, like visiting cards or even playing cards. Staples 4 to 5 cards together and roll it once to make it a round holder – staple it again.

Make such 10 to 12 paper card round holders and then interconnect them using the stapler once again. What you have is a honeycomb, styled paper card sock organizer. Color it or use it as it is!

Paper Cards Sock Organizer

Watch this easy process on Wonder How To – Housekeeping.

#8 Candy Box Drawer Organizer

If you have a lot of candy boxes lying around from Halloween, you can put them to good use by making simple drawer organizers with them.

All you need to do is cut off the top portion of the boxes, and arrange them in your drawer. Each little box will hold a pair of socks, making for super easy access.

You could also wrap them with gift wrap to give them a cute lift.

Candy Box Drawer Organizer

Learn more about Nicole’s process for this DIY over at her blog Nicolished.com.

#9 Compartmented Cardboard Box Organizer

Everyhome has a few unused cardboard boxes left over from online shopping deliveries.

And one of the best ways to utilize these is by making a custom compartmented organizer for your socks!

The box itself will make the basic framework of the organizer. All you’ll need to do is decide how many compartments you want and cut the flaps of the box to size.

This video breaks down the process wonderfully.

#10 Honeycomb Organizer

One of the first things that come to mind when you think “honeycomb pattern” is “neat” (well, other than “bees”!). And what better way to organize your socks than by making a honeycomb organizer for it?

You’ll be able to put the honeycomb together in a matter of minutes, depending on how “all-out” you go with this one. And it doesn’t require much effort, either. You only need a few supplies.

Figure out what the right cell size is for your drawer, then create and decorate your storage cells. Choose the colors you like best, let it all dry, and you’ll have yourself a beautiful set of honeycomb organizers.

#11 Colorful Felt Drawer Organizer


If you want to give your drawer a touch of color, making a drawer organizer out of felt is a great idea.

This is probably the easiest DIY to make on this list. You only need to glue the strips of felt together to make the organizer.

Check out the tutorial where a  breaks down the gluing pattern excellently.

#12 Inexpensive Foam Board Sock Drawer Divider System

Organizing your drawers doesn’t need to be expensive. Making custom-fit dividers for your drawer is a lot easier than you’d think.

After measuring your drawers, you can cut pieces of foam board to size, and make notches on them to size compartments to your liking.

You could also cover the foam board with contact paper to give the dividers a neat look.

Do It On A Dime explains how you can make custom-fit drawer dividers for cheap on her YouTube video.

#13 Sturdy DIY Adjustable Drawer Dividers

This is the right project to pick up if you want to be able to adjust the compartments in your drawer as your wardrobe changes with time.

After measuring your drawer, you will need to cut pieces of MDF to size, and then cut notches in them at the right positions.

You will then be able to size the compartments according to your need!

Designed and Refined shows off how they made their adjustable drawer dividers on their YouTube video.

Readymade Sock Drawer Organizer Options

If you are feeling a tad lazy and do not wish to DIY the sock drawers, we have handpicked two drawer organizer options from Amazon that are budget-friendly and would suit your purpose perfectly.

#14 Expandable Drawer Organizer

Expandable organizers fit all drawer shapes and sizes. It requires a one-click installation process; no tools or glue is necessary.

Simply place the foam fitted sturdy organizer in the drawer and pull the lever to fit and lock in the place.

It has powerful spring tension that locks all the dividers in its place and remains upright. The foam does not damage the inner drawer walls and leaves no traces or residues.

It is an easy and tailored storage solution for all your storage needs, not just socks. You can keep baby clothes, jewelry and accessories, bathroom toiletries, makeup essentials, utensils and cutleries, tools, and books.

You can’t deny a customizable system is pretty handy. Learn more here.

#15 Collapsible and Foldable Sock Storage Organizer

These non-woven drawer organizers with 24-cells are perfect for storing socks, stockings, scarves, ties, and other accessories.

They are foldable and collapsible, which suits a standard-sized home drawer. It declutters the drawer space, arranging clothing items neatly.

Installation is easy. Open the pack and attach the vertical opening on edge into the two side pockets to retain its shape and stability. The non-woven material keeps the item safe and does not attract any pests.

This is actually a great buy – check it out here.

#16 Adjustable Plastic Drawer Divider

If the adjustable drawer divider sounded like a good idea, but you don’t have the tools to build one, or just don’t want to put in all that effort, getting the pre-made dividers from yaenoei is an excellent idea.

The reasonably priced set comes with 40 dividers, allowing you to compartmentalize all of your drawers without much hassle.

These are a really good value. You can buy them here.

Quick Tip

Not only for socks, but you can also use the above sock drawer organizer DIY ideas to store innerwear, lingerie, and other minor dressing essentials like handkerchiefs and tie.

These DIY sock drawer options don’t occupy much time. Clear a few hours over the weekend and get started.

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