Love Your Soles Socks

Brrrrrrr…. it’s chilly outside and when the temperatures drop you’ve gotta keep those tootsies warm.

Ready to show your feet some love this winter? Keep them warm in some cute heart socks. Your soles will thank you.


  • Stuff You’ll Need:
  • A pair of thick warm socks (the fuzzier, the better)
  • Red felt
  • Heart template
  • Needle and thread


This project couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is cut hearts out of the felt and then sew them onto the heels of the socks. (Tip: I found it easiest to weave the needle in and out through the outside of the sock rather than pulling it all the way through the inside of the sock as I sewed).

Slip them on your feet to stay warm and cozy…

Now, that’s showing your feet some love.

Do you guys have any tips for staying cute and warm in the winter?

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