Top 10 Solar Energy Myths for Homeowners

Alternative energy sources are becoming more and more popular in the world. It is important and necessary to use alternative sources of electricity.

Especially when it comes to solar energy.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of such a step yet. Many customers face all sorts of prejudices and worries, which makes them not always decide to install solar panels.

Many solar roof installers, including, know how to deal with this and what arguments to bring to potential customers.

But they can figure out such issues themselves. Let’s try to break down the top 10 myths about solar energy.

The Most Common Myths

Each of these myths has many reasons. People have been getting electricity through wires for years and don’t want to change anything.

They see the situation changing rapidly for the better and that their neighbors can make money off of it.

Some of the most common myths about solar energy include:

  • high cost;
  • unprofitability;
  • lack of light at night;
  • batteries reduce the value of your home when sold;
  • poor battery efficiency;
  • unnecessary energy is wasted;
  • you only need to connect one home to solar panels;
  • Batteries harm the roof;
  • solar panels can harm the environment;
  • batteries can ruin the exterior of the house.

Let’s break down each of these points in more detail to dispel these myths.

Solar Panels Are Very Expensive

For the cost of the panels and their installation, customers have to pay a lot of money out of their pockets.

This market is also evolving, and over the years the cost of panels has decreased significantly.

While the cost of solar panels for a standard home used to be around $40,000, now it can be done for half the price.

Given the availability of various government programs on average, their cost is reduced by another 5-6 thousand.

I Will Be without Light at Night

It would seem quite a logical question because at night the sun does not shine and the batteries have nowhere to take energy.

But even scientists unanimously say that due to the daytime, the panels accumulate enough energy to cover such expenses painlessly.

If there were clouds during the day or the sun was weakly penetrating, the batteries would be able to collect about 25% of the power output.

With Panels, My House Will Stand Cheaper

house with solar panels

This is a fundamentally flawed opinion. It is based on the fact that solar panels make money, and therefore the price of the house will be undervalued.

Many people are willing to overpay for such a home so that they can make an income later.

You can check any real estate listings and you will notice that a home with solar panels is about $6,000 more expensive than a home without them.

Panels Don’t Work Efficiently

This myth has to do with the calculation that the efficiency of solar panels is about 22%. Because of this, they believe that such panels do not bring anything but costs.

However, scientists and representatives of the Ministry of Energy claim that just an hour and a half of sunlight is enough to provide the world with electricity for a year.

Accordingly, solar power effectively covers your electricity costs.

Panels Generate More Electricity than I Need for Nothing

In this case, it’s not a myth. Solar panels can indeed generate more electricity than you need.

However, that doesn’t mean that the remaining electricity will just be dissipated. You can resell it to the state, you can hook it up to your neighbors, and thus split the cost of your panels.

Once the cost of the panels is recouped, you’ll start earning money from them.

One Panel System – One House

It seems to many people that you can’t connect additional properties to your mini-systems.

But you can come across various companies that are already earning income from such systems.

How do they do it? Quite easily, because they sell their electricity to other homes. Anyone can do this, the main thing is to hire the right company to help resolve this issue.

Roof Damage Risks

The roof can indeed be damaged during installation, but this most often happens when such an issue is handled by someone who has not done such an installation before.

Professional companies immediately check the roof before installation, and if they see that there are any problems there, they immediately tell customers to fix them.

Otherwise, there is indeed a risk that the roof will not be able to withstand the solar panels. But in this case, the problem is far from the panels.

More Harm than Good for the Planet

The production of solar panels today depends on the production of minerals. This leads to additional greenhouse gas emissions. In turn, such moments negatively affect the environment.

Also, there are still problems with how to properly and environmentally friendly disposal of the batteries.

Therefore, we cannot yet say that solar panels are not harmful to the environment at all.

Nevertheless, the process of generating electricity itself does not lead to additional emissions of harmful substances.

Therefore, unlike traditional sources of electricity, the harm from solar panels is several times less.

Batteries Can Spoil the Exterior of the House

Everyone has his standards of beauty, and you can not put everyone under one heading.

Most of the opponents of solar panels are simply not ready to accept the cost, and therefore make such a strange argument.

Yes. Solar panels are still large and not entirely convenient.

But over time, their design has already changed a lot and on a metal roof, they already look much more beautiful than they were before.

Over the years, their appearance will only get better.


As you can see, most of the myths about solar power came about because of potential buyers’ fears.

Professional companies know how to combat such objections and help their customers.

So choose the best and cooperate only with those who will make sure that you are never afraid of such myths.

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