Change Your Home Décor This Spring: An Inspiring Guide

As we head into this new year, we are confident many homeowners out there will be searching for ways that they can be out with the old and bring in the new.

Spring cleaning allows us to refresh our homes’ atmosphere and enables them to appear bright and more appealing.

Having spent most of the year indoors, we are confident that you have noticed things within your home that you would like to change, particularly the décor!

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to change your existing décor or have just moved into an apartment that needs a coat of paint, we have you covered!

Below is a helpful guide of different home decors to consider and try this spring when wanting to give your home the decorative facelift that it so deserves.

Brush away those cobwebs and peel off that tired wallpaper, and let’s get to work!

Minimalist Home Décor

Some of you out there will be looking to do a full clear out of any possessions that you no longer want or need; this décor style is sure to suit your revamping to a T.

Minimalist home décor is as it says, there is a minimal amount of furniture and decorative pieces, with a neutral color scheme throughout.

To finish off a room or make something stand out, a pop of color is placed within, whether a cushion or a comfortable chair. This home décor style is increasing in popularity and should definitely be explored if this is your type of thing.

Mid Century Modern Décor

This is also known to many, as San Francisco home décor, purely due to the modernity of the furniture and accents involved.

Whether you are a contemporary home décor lover or more preferential to all things vintage, this is perfect for you all, as it includes aspects of both!

Budding interior designers can expect to find neutral color schemes, with lots of natural light thrown in too.

As traditional homes in the city are packed together and narrow, this décor style is compact, suitable for San Francisco apartments and beyond!

For more inspiration about this modern decor style, explore more apartments in San Francisco like these to find out what furniture works in these tight areas and what doesn’t.

Bohemian Home Décor

Another style that has increased in popularity over the years, bohemian home décor, is certainly worth exploring if you prefer less sleek designs than a minimalist, and if you have a lot of belongings!

Bohemian styles incorporate a range of styles and colors, and for the most part, also include plants.

Additionally, I find that incorporating boho art into your decor can enhance the free-spirited and eclectic atmosphere of the bohemian style, allowing you to infuse your space with even more creativity and individuality.

This style has been adopted by many interior designers across the world and is one that suits a variation of rooms, no matter the size nor the level of natural light that the room receives.

No matter which home décor style you decide to explore, hundreds of more variations exist out there.

There is undoubtedly something out there to suit everyone’s budgets and tastes, so go wild! Freely express yourselves and give your home or apartment that bit of TLC that it needs.

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