7 Types of Wood Wall Paneling

Wood wall paneling is something that has been found in many homes around the world, both residential and commercial.

There are many different types of wood wall paneling to choose from these days. They come in all different colors, styles, textures and levels of difficulty.

Traditionally the wood boards were nailed or screwed down onto brick walls but with new wall paneling products this is not always the case.

There are many different types of wood wall paneling available these days on the market. They include wood paneling, plywood panels, linoleum and lath panels.

The selection process can be a very tedious one to use without the help of a professional wood panel installer.

1. Shiplap Wood Wall Paneling:

Shiplap comes in many sizes mainly 8 foot long and 3 inches wide. Some of the shiplap comes with a wedge on the bottom of the boards which is to be nailed into the top plate of the wall.

The wedges are not necessary for all panels but they can help especially when you are installing over existing drywall.

Shiplap wood wall paneling is one style that you find on a log home mostly because it looks like logs. The look of the wood is a very natural one.

2. Tongue-and-Groove Wood Wall Paneling:

Tongue and groove wood wall panels is a very popular one that most homeowners want in their home. It is easy to install and it looks awesome against a brick wall.

The look of this wood paneling comes in many different patterns such as shiplap, mitered, tapered, etc.

Tongue and groove wood wall paneling is not always required to be put in by the professionals but it can be done only if the walls are old enough for you to do things like this.

3. Beadboard Wood Wall Paneling:

Beadboard is a very simple but effective method of laying out your own wood paneling. This is a special type of wood that is used to cover a brick wall.

It can also be used to give your house a nice look on the outside. Most people use beadboard in the whole house but it can also be used as bedroom wall, living room wall and kitchen wall as well.

The beadboard wood is made from thin strips of wood as the name suggests and can be found in many different size options.

4. Board-and-Batten Wood Wall Paneling:

Board and batten wood paneling is very popular among homeowners today. The wood panels are divided into two pieces of wood.

The two pieces of wood are divided in the middle to give a unique look to the home. This type of wood paneling is very popular these days but it has been in use for years as well.

Board and batten is usually used on the inside or outside of a house but it can be used anywhere that you would like to place it on your wall.

5. Raised Panels:

Raised panels are as the name suggests raised on the wall on a frame that is attached to the wall.

This type of wood paneling is very popular these days and it can be used extensively in any room in your house.

It looks very nice on a brick wall, but it can also be used on the porch or just about anywhere that you would like.

6. Pallet Wood Paneling:

Pallet Wood Paneling

Pallet wood paneling is a very interesting type of wood paneling that you can use in your house today. It is usually made of rubber wood that has been used for years as well as many other products.

It is a very inexpensive way to have wood paneling panels in your home. The pallet panels look amazing against a brick wall and they give a very modern vibe to the walls.

Pallet wall panelling can also be used in any room that you would like to spice it up with some nice wood on the walls.

7. 3D Wood Wall Panels:

3D wall panelling is a very popular type of wood paneling for people these days. It is also very popular because it does not require any extra work when installing them on the walls.

The panels are already made for you and it only takes about a day to have all the wood installed on the walls.

The 3D panels come in many different colors and shapes, making them so free to choose from.


There are many different types of wood wall paneling that you can use to give your house a nice makeover. All of them add a sense of style and class to the walls as well as the room.

The wood panels have been used for years but they are very popular today because of the natural look about them.

There is nothing like walking into a room with wood wall panels that give a room the feeling of elegance and class.

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