4 Facts That Make Fresco a ‘Cool’ Fabric

Fresco is a popular fabric that is derived from 100% wool. Due to its open weave design it is used as a trademark name for fabrics that use a high twist yarn.

It is therefore ideal for wearing in summer months due to its airy weave. However, since the fabric has a rigid texture, it feels more coarse to the touch.

The fabric has very unique properties that sets it apart from other fabrics.

While it can be most commonly found in suits and trousers, the fabric is quite versatile and can be used for other purposes too.

In this article we bring to you facts about fresco that makes it a good choice for your next summer wardrobe.

What’s in a name:

The word fresco is derived from the Italian word ‘affresco’ which when translated to English means ‘fresh’.

This connotation, though, does not refer to the breathy fabric, but rather to the artform of fresco painting.

Fresco painting was a technique of applying color to the plaster till it was wet, and thus the reference to it being fresh.

However, the word with its historical and linguistic connotations fit perfectly to the fabric that is now commonly used.

Considered to be the ‘ultimate cool’ garment, the technique used to spin fresco not only makes it a great choice for summer outfits but also provides it with other properties.

Breathable and Airy:

The perfect adjective to describe fresco fabric correctly is its property of being airy and breathable. As mentioned before, its design and spinning makes it a great fabric for summer outfits.

But there are several other characteristics that define a fresco. Its thread is derived from the merino sheep which offers it a vast natural elasticity and ease to maintain.

A shorter but thicker wool fiber is used first, which makes it extremely strong yet lightweight. This fiber is then twisted several times, a technique commonly called high-twist.

Since it is woven with a plain-weave structure, combined with its twisted yarns, the fabric produced is extremely airy.

Moreover, due to the rigorous spinning, the fabric produced has a rough and coarse texture which plays a big role in making it breathable and thus ideal for summers.

Perfect for Traveling:

fresco in clothes

Fresco’s spinning process gives it another great advantage, it does not crease.

Since it is twisted and spun several times using many threads, the result is a fabric that has reduced propensity to wrinkle.

The process of high twist gives it a dense structure, making it a very hard and durable fabric.

Due to all these factors, fresco is considered to be a great choice for traveling as it creases less.

Additionally, its property of not creasing also makes it a great fabric for manufacturing suits and trousers.

However, since fresco is a breathy fabric, it can only be worn in hot and humid conditions.

Early summers or cooler weather can make wearing fresco quite uncomfortable, since the open weave allows wind to pass through it.

Versatile Application:

As mentioned before, fresco is endowed with other properties like a dense structure and low propensity for wrinkles.

It also has a rough and coarse texture along with high durability. All these characteristics together make fresco a great option for manufacturing accessories.

Apart from summer wardrobe and suits, fresco is also commonly found in woman handbags and purses.

When combined with traditional motifs and vibrant colors, fresco fabrics produce beautiful looking purses.

Other accessories include table tops, table runners and decorative pillowcases.

Fresco is a great choice when considering buying summer outfits, suits and trousers. Its breatheability and rigid texture together work to give you a unique drape.

The dynamic properties along with the versatile application of the fabric does not limit its utility to wardrobe and outfits but extends far up to other avenues.

So, if you are looking for a fabric that can keep you cool on a summer day, then fresco is just the fabric for you.

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