Good Things to Change in Your Apartment That Will Instantly Transform the Space

Apartments are becoming a lot more popular. The primary reason for this is that more people are moving to cities, and housing in cities is expensive.

Young professionals would rather save money on rent and live in an apartment.

It is also worth noting that many apartment buildings have amenities, like gyms, storage areas, and even swimming pools, which makes them even more attractive.

The only downside to apartments is that they can be challenging to decorate.

Not only do you have to worry about actually being able to get the furniture upstairs and inside, but you also have to take the building’s style into consideration.

This post will tell you what you can change in your apartment to make it look better (and some interior design tips).

Measuring Furniture

One of the best ways of changing your apartment for the better is to buy new furniture. However, before you do this, as mentioned in this post’s introduction, you need to be sure that it is even going to fit through the door.

Before you go ahead and buy furniture from a good shop, measure your apartment’s door (and perhaps the width of the corridors in the stairwell).

You can then compare these measurements against the measurements on the furniture site that you are using.

If the furniture is too big, then don’t buy it. If you do and it doesn’t fit then you could have to put it in your building’s storage unit until you move out.

Buying Art

Art can make apartments look a lot cooler. If you live in a modern building, then Art Deco prints can be a great way to improve your apartment’s design.

Alternatively, you could buy antique oil paintings, which may appear anachronistic, but can look great if they’re hung up right.

You can order a variety of prints online for next-to-nothing. If you intend on buying actual oil paintings though, then you will have to pay a lot of money. Antique oil paintings aren’t cheap. An alternative to art is to hang up pictures.

Using Textiles

House textiles

Textiles and rugs can significantly improve your apartment’s design. Persian rugs, in particular, can add charm to any room.

The downside to such rugs is that they can be very expensive, especially if they are antique. However, they are a good investment to make and do retain their value if they’re carefully looked after.

In terms of textiles, you could buy old, vintage curtains, ideally block printed, and cover your windows with them.

Tapestries are also a good investment to make, though, like Persian rugs, they require a lot of care. Flemish tapestries are best but can be extremely expensive.

Widen Spaces

The downside to many apartments is that they feel very small. However, with the right design choices, they don’t have to.

One effective way of making apartments feel a lot bigger is to use lots of table and floor lamps. Light can make a room seem much bigger than it actually is.

If you have high ceilings in your apartment, then you can use long pendants, too. The use of long pendants can bring a lot of attention to the height of the room (and make it seem taller than it actually is).

Color Theme

Your apartment’s design needs to have a color theme. Everything should match. When items of furniture don’t match one another, it can make your home look very sloppy and poorly designed.

The best way to select a color theme is to look at your main pieces of furniture, examine their colors, and then buy furniture that then matches these colors.

The textiles and rugs that you buy can further contribute to your theme, helping to pull everything together. Remember, certain colors won’t match.

If you put bright pink next to blacks there’s not really anything you can do to make them work together.

Statement Piece

Finally, every apartment (and every house) needs a statement piece. Usually, the statement piece is a piece of furniture that everyone’s eyes are drawn to when they enter the room.

A very large Persian rug can act as a statement piece. Another good example of a statement piece would be a Chinese opium bed or even a tapestry as mentioned earlier.

Whatever you choose as a statement piece make sure that it is congruous with the rest of your home’s design and fits.

Don’t buy something that’s too large, because it will suffocate the rest of the room. A statement piece needs to be perfectly sized.

Designing apartments can be difficult. If you are the owner or tenant of an apartment and think that yours needs a redesign, then you can follow the steps listed here.

Always make sure that everything matches in design and color, otherwise your apartment will appear mismatched and amateurish.

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