Ways to Incorporate Art in a Small Apartment

Let’s be honest. Size does matter – at least when it comes to apartments. There’s only so much furniture you can put in a studio, or a loft home, as some call it, which is why you need to get as creative as possible to utilize the space in the best way possible.

However, just because your apartment is small does not mean that it has to be boring – there are many ideas to make it interesting and showcase your personality.

As experts from highestcashoffer.com suggest, incorporating art into space is actually one of the best ways to give it a bit more character.

Now, you might be thinking – Isn’t my apartment too small for that?

The answer is no – as long as you know how to do it. So, if you are one of the people who live in a small apartment and have no clue how you can incorporate some art pieces into it, you’re in the right place.

Here are some of the best tips that show you that adding art into a limited space is actually not as hard as some people imagine it to be.

Use Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are either larger in size, or they draw attention to themselves through sheer volume, texture, or colors. No matter what you use as a statement piece – a wall decoration or a sculpture that needs its own space – you have to keep in mind that it becomes a focal point.

This is exactly why you should use them in moderation – their role is to catch your guest’s attention and create a dramatic effect, but if there are too many, they might simply clash.

One or two statement pieces in one room should do the trick.

What’s more, small art pieces also can become statement pieces, as long as they are the only ones displayed.

However, remember that it can be difficult to achieve in a small apartment, as, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it also has to be functional.

Go Higher

The truth is that when you are dealing with limited space, every inch matters – even the one right below your ceiling.

By stacking the art pieces vertically, not only are you creating an eye-catching piece of home decor, but you also create the impression that your apartment is taller than it actually is.

Additionally, you can locate some art pieces on the ceiling itself – or, if you are an artistic soul, you can paint something yourself.

Here is one example of what people can do with a simple wooden ceiling:

Of course, yours doesn’t have to be as big as this one. Everything depends on your preferences, so don’t hesitate to grab some paints, brushes and dedicate a weekend to creating your own art.

If you rent a place, don’t forget to ask your landlord for permission.

Scatter the Art Pieces

Usually, people go for one gallery wall – no matter what’s the size of their apartment. However, when done in a small space like a studio apartment, it might weigh it down and create a claustrophobic effect.

What’s more, when you place all the art pieces in the same spot (in this case, on one wall), they don’t have the same effect as they would individually.

When it comes to small spaces, that’s why scattering the art pieces around is a much better idea than just keeping all of them in one place.

Don’t hesitate to add them somewhere unexpected, such as the bathroom or the entryway.

Design the Rest Around It

Although you might think otherwise, a small apartment comes with a lot of potential – especially if you decide to rent out one that doesn’t have furniture.

Assess what type of art you already own (or what type of art you like, if you don’t have any yet), and try to design the rest of the apartment around it.

For instance, if you have tapestries or pastel art, they would look really good when combined with boho furniture designs.

On the other hand, pencil drawings and comic book printouts will really stand out in an interior decorated in an industrial style.

You probably chose the art pieces you own because they spoke to you – there was something about them that caught your attention.

Why not take it a step further, and let them help you create a space that will reflect who you are?

Make Everyday Life Your Art

Framed photos, printouts of your favorite movie posters – all this makes your apartment truly yours. So, since incorporating art into a small apartment is quite hard due to the lack of space, why not use your personal items to create it?

One way you can do that is by using the same frames for your photos, collages, canvas, and even mirrors, as it will create some sort of unity and bring the whole space together.

If you have a bit of decorative chaos in your apartment, try to group all your knick-knacks and separate them by category. Trust us, not only will it make your home neater, but it’s also another way of creating unity.

The Bottom Line

elegant small wooden coffee table with lowers in front of big velvet

Incorporating art into a small apartment is not an easy task – at least that’s what some people think. However, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be.

Sure, you might not be able to add as many art pieces as you would if you were living in a mansion, but it’s not impossible.

Small apartments don’t have to be boring – there are many ways to make it reflect your personality. Remember – just because the space is limited does not mean that your imagination has to be.

After reading this article, we hope that you have an idea of how to incorporate art into a small apartment. Who knows, maybe you will use our advice to add some pieces into your own home? Good luck!

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