Top Ways to Brighten the Space with Area Rugs

For decades, interior designers have used the same tactics repeatedly. They consistently achieve their goal of making every house pleasant, comfortable, and stylish.

What’s the secret to their success? You’d be astonished to learn that the secret is hidden in the finer points. Take, for example, area rugs.

They can alter the room’s appearance and generate an optical illusion. Not to mention that they’ll keep you warm enough to save you money on your energy expenses.

Different types of area rugs can be found both online and in stores.

Plus, you can create custom area rugs by choosing specific materials, patterns, and dimensions to suit your unique preferences and interior decor.

If you’re looking for something different, with a lively pattern and bright colors, the Novogratz rug collection might be the right fit.

The following article will share the top tips on making your home brighter using area rugs.

Make Your Home Brighter With Area Rugs

Opt For Lighter Colors

You have greater freedom when choosing your area rug if you’re a color lover. You can opt for a neutral-colored rug or a pastel rug, such as baby blue or powder pink.

Neutrals go well with everything, and these rugs appear more classy than pastel rugs, but if you combine the pattern with color, anything works great.

The most important thing here is that your area rug is a light color.

Deep, vibrant colors make the space seem exclusive and expensive, but they’ll only darken the room, giving it a smaller dimension.

Stay away from royal blue and emerald gold if you don’t want your room to look overly dark.

If you do prefer a bolder rug, use it as the base for your decor theme, and you can build the whole room around them, no matter what style you aim for.

Materials Can Play A Huge Role

Dining table rug

There are tons of materials on the market, and you can easily find information about every single one of them online.

Materials such as cotton are super easy to maintain, jute is extremely popular and eco-friendly, while nylon can be treated with harsh chemicals that you’d typically want out of your house.

Materials can also change the way your room looks.

For example, a fluffy white rug can look super comfy and cozy in the winter, but it can make your room too hot and heavy in the summer, so once the temperatures rise, you’d want to roll it up and store it away till next season.

Flatweave rugs will give your space some texture and color, but they won’t overcrowd it.

It means you’ll get enough warmth and comfort when the weather is sunny, but once winter comes, you’d either want to layer them up or invest in some under rug mats.

Thick rugs generally make the sharp edges in the room look softer, giving it a softer and brighter appearance overall, but you’d want to be practical here, so having two different kinds of area rugs is a wise choice.

Layer It Up If You Want Some Color

If you want to make your area rug the centerpiece while still achieving that bright room look, you’d want to layer it with a colorful carpet.

The carpet can either be a wall-to-wall carpet or a carpet that nearly reaches the walls surrounding it. A lighter or beige tone works best for this effect.

After that, you can either add a retro area rug on top or a vibrantly colored rug that will draw some attention to it.

To keep the brightness, you need to pay attention to the size of the rug and its shape.

Smaller area rugs placed in the middle of the room will give it some dimension, but they won’t overpower the brightness, which results in a darker outcome.

Opt for an asymmetrical or oval area rug to achieve a softer appearance.

Not to forget, if you opt for a vibrantly colored area rug, keep your walls and curtains neutral and bright to tone it down.

Use Multiple Rugs

Instead of one giant area rug placed in the middle of your room, you can achieve an excellent, bright look just by investing in several smaller rugs scattered throughout the place.

That way, you’ll be able to brighten up different room areas, which will also attract the visitor’s attention, making it a great conversation starter.

Place the area rugs in front of your bookshelves, near art and interesting ornaments, or under potted plants that you take good care of.

Another great way of placing your smaller area rugs would be near places that don’t get that much light and brightness throughout the day, such as corners behind the table, beneath it, or behind the shelves, right next to your cupboards.

This positioning can brighten different parts of the room and furniture elements, resulting in a brighter look overall.

Brighten Your Home with an Area Rug

No matter your style, an area rug gives your room a finishing touch to be proud of. Area rugs enhance your decor and tie the design elements together sophisticatedly. Now, let’s go rug shopping!

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