How to Tell Your Home Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint: 8 Signs

Take a look at the walls of your home. Has the paint on the walls started looking weird? Is it bubbling, flaking off, or looking discolored?

Have cracks started appearing on your home’s exterior? These are some signs that tell you your home needs a fresh coat of paint.

The paint job on your home may have withstood years of weathering, making it now look unappealing to guests and potential buyers.

Here are eight signs that tell you it’s time for your home to get a fresh coat of paint.

1. Discolored Spots on the Walls

Have you been noticing any weird discoloration on your walls, inside or outside? It may indicate the presence of mold underneath.

For this, you’ll definitely need to contact a siding contractor or mold remediation professional to inspect and treat it.

Treating the mold won’t, however, remedy the discoloration of the paint, which definitely won’t look inviting to guests and especially not buyers, if you plan to sell your house.

Getting a fresh layer of paint is a good idea in this case, as it will restore your home’s curb appeal

There are some great professional services that you can try for repair and repainting such as those you’ll find on Great Guys Painting.

With a job properly done by professionals, you won’t need to worry about painting again anytime soon!

2. Cracks in the Paint

If your home was painted a long time ago, then it has likely faced its share of natural elements, like humidity or the blazing sun.

Harsh climate conditions can crack the paint on the exterior of your home. This could lead to other issues, like water infiltration

To prevent further damage, it’s a good idea to consider repainting your home.

This will not just freshen up the paint, but will also help prevent bigger issues in the near future, such as flaking and peeling.

3. The Paint Is Chipping or Flaking

You might have noticed cracks in your paint before but didn’t think much of them.

However, now it looks like it has gone further, and your paint is now flaking off. Oh no, this doesn’t look good at all!

Or maybe you have noticed bubbling of your paint because of too much moisture, and now it has started chipping and peeling.

These scenarios, whether on the outside or the inside of your home, don’t look appealing.

Signs of chipping or flaking definitely indicate that your home needs a fresh coat of paint. With proper application, repainting will get rid of all the bubbles, chipping, and flaking.

Plus, it will boost your mood every time you enter your home or look at it from outside!

4. The Paint Is Fading

old paint fading

If one side of your house is always exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, you’ll see that it will begin to fade compared to the side that’s shaded by trees or other structures.

Constant exposure to the sun fades the paint color over the years.

In this case, putting a fresh layer of paint on the exterior can be a good idea!

You can use the same color, or if you want to give it a new look, you can change the shade or even use an entirely different color!

A tip: Dark colors fade easily, and the contrast between the faded side and the shaded side will be very noticeable.

Using a lighter color is always good. It will fade slower, will be less noticeable, and will also help to keep your home cool!

5. Cracks Are Showing Up in the Caulking

Caulking is done on the joints of the doors and windows to seal air leaks through these spaces.

The caulking can crack for many reasons, and it can usually be filled up with more caulking. But if the cracks get too big, the caulk needs to be replaced.

Damaged caulking is not just unsightly, but if it pulls away from the gap, then it will allow moisture to seep in.

This will cause a lot of damage, including rotting and loosened tiles.

You may not expect this to happen in your attic, but moisture damage from cracked caulking in the attic can happen as well!

To prevent this from happening, the caulking needs to be repaired and painted over.

A layer of paint acts as an extra layer of protection, as it will help make the caulk last longer and prevent further damage while helping the entire area look more even.

6. Gaps Are Appearing Between Wooden Siding Panels

Is the exterior of your home wooden? Is it painted? How long has it been?

If it’s been too long, then you may notice gaps appearing in the paint between the wood boards. Gaps can lead to water damage, like rotting from excess moisture.

A new layer of paint will not just freshen up the look of your home, but will also protect your home’s wood siding from moisture and damage.

Before painting, inspect wood panels for damage, then repair or replace the siding as needed.

Once the repairs are complete, put on a fresh layer of paint. Voila! Now your home’s siding will stay attractive and functional for a long period of time!

7. You’re Thinking of Selling Your Home

You may be considering selling your home, so now you’re looking for potential buyers.

Paint that  looks old, faded, or damaged may deter buyers. It may be up for sale for a longer period of time than you anticipated!

That’s why you need to repaint your house inside and out. It’s not just the condition of the paint, but the color that matters as well!

Go with neutral shades that allow buyers to imagine the space as their own. Once you put a fresh layer of paint on your house, you will attract more potential buyers, and they will be lining up to take a tour!

8. The Color Doesn’t Appeal to You Anymore

Back then, when you first put on the paint, it was very appealing to you. However, over the years, the appeal has faded along with the color.

The beige tones you loved in the early 2000s may not jive with your current design aesthetic.

Perhaps now is the time to explore new paint options that bring your home into the 2020s.

Popular neutrals like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Swiss Coffee help brighten up the house and can elevate your style as well!

Everything will look new and will provide a clean slate for some redecorating.


paint cracks

Paint doesn’t just color your home, it also protects the walls from physical and environmental damage.

Damage to the paint often leads to more substantial issues like water intrusion and even structural issues if not remedied. .

As soon as signs of damage appear, it tells you that it’s time to put on a fresh coat of paint.

Before putting on a new layer of paint, inspecting and fixing the damage is a wise idea to help prevent further issues in the future.

The new layer of paint will then be a cherry on top!


1. How often do I need to paint my house?

Depending on the quality of the surface, the type of paint used previously, and the signs of damage, you will need to put on a fresh layer of paint once every 5-10 years.

Keeping track of the condition of the paint is a good idea to take the necessary actions as early as possible.

2. Can I stay in my house when it is being painted?

Paints emit fumes that can be harmful to your health.

Therefore, if you’re painting the interior of your home, it’s better to stay somewhere else for a few days until the paint dries and the fumes subside.

3. Should I wash my home’s siding before painting it again?

Power washing your home’s exterior  will remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the years. This will help the paint to roll on properly and adhere to the undercoat.

4. Why do I need to repaint my house?

Your house may have suffered weathering and possibly even termite damage, compromising its structural integrity.

After repairing damage, a fresh coat of paint adds a layer of protection against future damage from climate issues and pests.

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