7 Buddha Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Zen Outlook 

Buddha is a world-famous icon.

His image represents peace, understanding, and tranquility, which is why it has found acceptance into homes, irrespective of religious beliefs and culture. How can you bring a little of Buddha in your home?

We will look at some Buddha decor ideas to incorporate some zen into your living space.

#1 Earth Friendly Buddha Zen Garden

The ideal decor idea for the inner environmentalist in you! A fantastic homemade DIY to uplift your spirits and mood and pamper yourself with self-love.

The minimalist DIY Buddha zen garden is created with a repurposed glass candle lid. Inverse the lid and put sand substrate in it. Place a Buddha statue in the middle and decorate the remaining space with natural rocks, tiny gemstones, baby air plants or anything else.

Your creativity is the limit here. Adding baby air plants to the Buddha zen garden will help to purify the air, and gemstones like aquamarine help to raise one’s vibration and detoxify the home. Choose gemstones that go with your zodiac sign.

Keep the earth-friendly minimalist DIY Buddha zen garden in your meditation room, the living room, or the garden for the best impact.

Zen Buddha Garden

Laurali Star has written a detailed tutorial on making this Buddha zen garden, along with a few variations, on Everyday Laurali Star. Check it out!

#2 Lucky Buddha Tiki Torches

The tiki torches are a pole-mounted torch which arose from the mid-20th century tiki culture in the United States. They are often made with bamboo, but today, we will see how to make tiki torches with Lucky Buddha beer bottles.

The Lucky Buddha tiki torches are an ideal summertime home decor, especially to be used as backyard lighting.

Take empty Lucky Buddha beer bottles and clean it. You need copper coupling (easily available at Home Depot). Put a round of sealing tape around the copper coupling to attach it to the bottle opening snugly.

Next, use a plastic funnel to pour tiki fuel in the bottles and insert the wicks in each of them. Let the wicks soak the fuel before lighting them up.

Your Lucky Buddha tiki torches are ready to enlighten your home.

Lucky Buddha Tiki Torches

Rachel from Adventures in Making walks you through the DIY process.

#3 Buddha on Canvas

You have to be a bit of a painter to do this DIY. If you are looking for a simple to-do DIY to give your room a zen-like sentiment, the Buddha on Canvas is a good place to begin.

Draw the silhouette of Buddha on a canvas panel. There are endless Buddha images on the Internet for inspiration – choose whichever you like and print a copy for easy reference.

Use black and orange or black and golden acrylic paint to color the artwork. Secure the painting with a mod-podge matte finish so that it does not get spoiled easily.

Attach a rope at the back of the canvas and hang it on the wall. It is a simple and subtle Buddha home decor idea.

Buddha on Canvas

You can see how the Buddha on canvas turned out for the blogger painter on Spice in the Box.

#4 Buddha in 3D Artwork

Give your home decor a spark and a dash of color with a Buddha artwork piece with a 3D effect. How? Read on.

You need a piece of plyboard. Attach steel clips or iron clips on the plyboard for it to hang on the wall. Sketch an image of the Buddha on the plywood and paint it with acrylic paint. Orange, golden, and black are suitable colors.

Next, you need broken pieces of tiles and glass for the 3D effect. Color them and let it dry. Arrange the pieces on the plywood neatly. Use a glue gun or fevicol to attach the pieces to the plywood.

Few pieces of the mirror should not be painted. They should be arranged neatly on the Buddha sketch, such as on the robe.

The final outcome will give the 3D impression when moved from side-to-side. The Buddha 3D artwork can be kept indoors or outdoors. You can keep small planters near it, hang it on the wall, and put fairy lights around it for added effect.

Buddha in 3D Artwork

Navneet Sandhu Singh documents the 3D artwork in detail on the blog, Design Decor Travel. Check it out for inspiration.

#5 Buddha Cardboard Wall Hanging

This is perhaps the simplest of Buddha decor ideas; it is ideal for kids’ rooms or a small family living room.

You need a round piece of cardboard, reinforced with black tape all around. Cut cardboard pieces into small sticks and arrange them around the round cardboard-like rays of the sun or give a halo image.

Next, draw an image of Buddha on a craft paper and color with acrylic paint. Cut the image and paste it on the cardboard with a thin strip used as a base. Glue a thread at the back and hang it.

See the DIY method on the video by Crafts and Colors by Arty.

#6 Handmade Buddha and Tree Craft

You need thermocol for the handmade Buddha and tree craft. Use a black marker pen to sketch the image of the tree and the Buddha sitting underneath it.

With a craft knife, cut the tree and Buddha image in a single loop. Remember that the thermocol is the base here; it won’t be attached to a different base. So, it’s important that the leaves remain attached to the tree!

Paint the thermocol cutouts with black (preferably) or golden and place it against the wall. Attach LED battery lights behind it for a wonderful effect.

Diya’s Funplay video walks you through the process.

#7 Buddha Bottle Lamp

Get image printouts of the Buddha and a tree, or any other Buddha-related symbolism. Glue them on frosted glass.

Use decorative crystals to improve the glued image and paint it in metallic gold. Insert LED string lights or fairy lights in the bottle to turn it into a lamp.

The video by Creative Cat gives a detailed rundown on crafting the Buddha bottle lamp.

Do not let these suggestions limit your creativity. Experiment with unique Buddha decor ideas and create.

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