7 Beautiful Cross Wall Decor Ideas to Display Your Spirituality

Whether you want to re-decorate or want to give handmade gifts this holiday season, these incredible and beautiful cross wall decor ideas will benefit you.

These ideas carry the symbolism of the cross and Jesus Christ. You can make your own cross wall decor ideas as listed below. Or find a couple of our ideas that you can buy and hang up with a smile.

You do not need expensive materials for the DIYs. The cross fabric wall decor (#4) and the flat metal cross (#6) are our personal favorites.

Let us dig in!

#1 Inspiration Hanging Cross

This is one of my favorites because it combines a Christian message through scripture right on the cross.

It’s one piece that is definitely an eye-catcher and will have your guests reading it every time they enter your home.

The best part, is you can read it daily and be reminded of one of Christ’s best messages for all to follow, even if you’re not religious.

Buy it on Amazon

#2 Rustic Wooden Cross Wall Decor

A beautiful ethnic and rustic wooden cross wall hanging to give your home an old charm!

You need a wooden craft board with rope for hanging, muslin, and a burlap flower with buttons.

Attach a button each on the front and back of the burlap flower. Cover the wooden craft board in the shape of a cross with the muslin cloth. Use jute strings around the middle of the fabric to give it the look of a cross.

Use hot glue to attach the burlap flower in the middle. Staple the rope at the back of the board, and your rustic wooden wall decor is ready.

Place it in the family room or the bedroom for the desired effect. A very simple DIY, indeed.

Rustic Wooden Cross

See how Michelle from Blessings By Me creates the rustic wooden cross wall decor on her blog.

#3 Washi Tapes Wall Decals

Washi tapes are made from traditional Japanese paper. It is a decorative adhesive tape used for journaling or craft work. It is made not from tree pulp like paper is but from Japanese shrubs.

You can use the washi tapes for cross wall decor ideas. Clear a patch of the wall of dust and webs. Use colorful washi tapes to create different patterns on the wall, such as the cross.

If you do not have a steady hand, use a stencil to mark the areas where you want to create the accented wall pattern….and all you need are the washi tapes.

Thus, a beautiful accented wall is ready.

You can hang wall frames, musical instruments, posters, makeshift shelves, or storage cubes to complete the look.

Read how Emily from Everything Emily Blog created cross wall decals with washi tapes to spruce up her room.

#4 Cross Fabric Wall Decor

Like we used burlap flower in #2 DIY, this wall decor uses high quality fabric to create a cross decor.

An 8×10 canvas is an ideal size, to begin with. Color the canvas with fabric paint to match the color of the actual fabric, if it does not already match.

Cut the fabric pattern into vertical and horizontal strips. Use upholstery tacks or a glue gun to attach the strips in the shape of a cross at the back of the canvas. Trim the excess fabric at the back.

Cinch the fabric together in the middle with a colorful thread or a bakers twine, both vertically and horizontally.

Cut another long strip of fabric and twist it in circles till the end. Add a felt scrap to the base and glue it on the fabric cross. The cross fabric wall decor is ready.

Cross Fabric Wall Decor

Steph Moore shares an easy fabric cross wall art tutorial on A Little Moore Blog. Check it out!

#5 Cardstock Cross Wall Art

This is perhaps the simplest of DIY cross wall decor ideas.

The embellished cardstock wall art looks great with a collection of different wall hangings hoisted together as a gallery of wall art.

Choose a round black frame. Use a black cardstock paper and cut it to size, so it fits the black frame.

Cut a cross design on a gold scrapbook paper and glue it on the cardstock paper right in the middle….and your DIY is ready.

Hang it among other wall art designs to complete the wall gallery.

Cardstock Cross Wall Art

Home and lifestyle blogger Kim walks you through the process of creating this easy DIY on Made In A Day.

#6 Simple “Faith” Cross

If you love simplicity, then this one is for you. A basic, one-color cross can adorn your wall in the hallway, above the kitchen sink, entry way or even your laundry room.

At a little extra on this one with the word “faith” overlaid eloquently on top.

The alloy steel material gives this cross some weight and presence – just be sure to anchor to the wall well.

Gold metal cross for wall

Check this on out at Amazon

#7 Rose Cross Wall Hanging

A simple DIY to spend a lazy summer afternoon sitting outside the porch with friends.

The floral cross is made with roses and tissue papers to give it an aged distressed look. Use strong cardboard for the background frame.

You can use an assortment of flowers, keeping the roses the primary flower. Arrange the flowers in the shape of a cross and glue them to the cardboard.

Frame the rose cross and hang it on the wall. It looks fantastic as a mantelpiece in the living room or the family room.

diy rose cross

Watch Maymay bring the rose cross wall hanging DIY to life on DIY Joy.

Give a personalized touch this holiday season with these cross wall decor ideas. They will be an absolute hit!

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