A Guide to Choosing a Good Coffee Machine for Your Home

When things around us are rapidly changing, we try our best to latch on to timeless things that will remain forever constant. One of these things is coffee.

Indeed, technology has evolved, and the preparation and presentation method of a warm cup of coffee has changed with it. Not so long ago, our hosts would treat us with kitchen stove coffee.

Gone are the days of sifting coffee grounds through our teeth for the sake of authenticity. At Gimme you can find a range of coffee machines for your home.

The latest and greatest coffee making machines are equipped with wifi and autonomous features. Your coffee will be freshly made and done before you wake up or get home from work.

What’s more is this machine will augment your decor as they look great in your kitchen or home office.

However, these machines are quite expensive. In this blog post, we will explain how to find the best coffee machine in your budget from an overwhelming number of options.

Types of Coffee Machines

We all love coffee. Whether or not we are drinking too much, we make sure we have the best cup of coffee to kick start our day.

75% of people drink one cup of coffee every day; this is where coffee machines come into play. If you are buying your first coffee machine, you need to know its type.

Capsules and Mod Machines

If you don’t know how to buy a coffee machine, you should go for a capsule. Capsules (often referred to as pods) are the most purchased coffee machines in Australia.

How else would you make a fine cup of espresso? Coffee capsules are the size of a single serving UHT milk holder. They are sealed in aluminum and plastic, giving them a shelf life of 9 months.

To use coffee capsules, you add them to your capsule machine and let the magic happen!

Another type of capsule is called Easy Serving Espresso. These are disc-shaped coffee compressed between two layers of filter.

Some machines can work with both ground coffee and capsules by providing a separate filter. Easy Serving Espresso isn’t hermetically sealed like their counterparts, but they offer good taste.

They won’t last as long as 9 months, but who’s going to wait that long, right?

How do They work?

The capsule is placed inside the coffee maker with hot water. The machine pierces through the capsule, and the hot water runs through it.

The water runs through the capsule collecting its flavor, aroma and taste. The shot is poured into your cup, and you are ready to power through your day.

It’s a convenient option for those who are always on the run. However, a capsule or pod machine lacks the intensity of flavor. If that matters to you, check out other coffee making machines below.

Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic Espresso machines represent a small significant part of the market, but they have their fans.

Most Australians prefer the convenience and cost-saving of a capsule machine, but an automatic espresso machine is great for a small office kitchen or a busy household.

You won’t find this machine in most Australian homes because we would rather work manually and enjoy the intense flavor or give up taste and save money with a capsule machine.

How Does an Automatic Espresso Machine Work?

Your mug sits under the sprout of the machine. With the press of a button, your automatic espresso machine will grind beans to make the espresso.

Some machines automatically froth milk for a latte or a cappuccino. You can adjust the flavor intensity and volume in an automatic espresso machine by changing the level of coffee beans.

However, it might be expensive to get the desired level of flavor.

Manual Espresso Machine

Manual Espresso Machine

Another type of machine is the Manual Espresso maker. A manual espresso machine gives you the freedom to make your own beverage.

They let you get handsy with your coffee, and you can experiment any way you prefer. However, you will need a bit of knowledge to operate a manual espresso machine.

Usually, you’ll need a separate bean grinder which is an added cost, but Australians spare no expense when making delicious coffee.

The manual espresso machine makes the best coffee with intense flavor and captivating aroma out of all the options.

One of the major drawbacks of a manual espresso machine is that it takes a lot of space. It can take between 20 to 40 cm of area on your kitchen shelf, leaving less room for other items.

Plus, you need to be extra careful with a manual espresso machine because it might catch dust.

How Does a Manual Espresso Machine Work?

You’ll have to do everything yourself in a manual espresso machine. That is why most Australians prefer a manual machine because the pleasure of making a cup of coffee shouldn’t be ruined by technology.

You’ll need to manually put the required amount of ground coffee into the group head. Unlike an automatic espresso machine, you have to control the flow of coffee yourself.

This task adds to the pleasure of making your cup of coffee just the way you want. If you don’t know how to buy a coffee machine, you should start with a manual machine. It’s the least expensive machine making it a budget-friendly option.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to buy a coffee machine used to be a trial and error method. However, now Australian’s follow reviews and expert opinions.

Like this blog post, there is a lot of information on the internet on how to buy a coffee machine. However, the information mentioned above should be enough for you to walk into the mall and choose the best coffee machine.

When you know how both automatic and manual coffee machines work, you can make a choice easily. However, if you still can’t decide between a manual or an automatic coffee machine, you should ask in your friend’s circle.

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