How to Choose the Right Exterminator for Your House?

It is a fact of life that, at some point, you will need to deal with pests in the home.

Nature presents us with many potential pests that can cause problems, and while few are dangerous, there are none that we like to play host to.

Pests often come into the home to seek warmth and comfort. Others are scavengers looking for a free meal.

Some of these pests are so minute that we can barely see them, yet there are many big enough to see that remain elusive.

When we talk about pests in the home, we mean those that cause problems.

There are pests that will damage property if left to multiply and others that carry diseases or bacteria.

Some may chew through electrical wiring and possibly cause fire, and others will contaminate food supplies. What can be done about household pests?

There are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of pests favoring your home, and we will talk about those later, but this article primarily looks at why a professional exterminator may need to be called in to help.

Let’s talk about the type of pests that may infect your home and what the common household pests are.

What Pests are In Your House?

If you believe you have pests in the home but are unsure what species, an expert exterminator company such as Majestic Pest Control will send someone to survey the property and look for signs.

You may have seen droppings of a type you did not recognize, or perhaps you have seen wiring or drapery that has been eaten.

Or you might be suffering bites that you cannot identify.

The chances are you have an infestation of one of the five most common forms of rodent in the USA, so let’s talk in more detail about what these are and how to be sure to get the right exterminator for the right pests.

What are the Common Household Pests?

The most common household pests in the USA can probably be guessed if you think about it. Each of them has a place in our ecosystem, and some are, in fact, fascinating creatures, yet none are what we would call ideal house guests. Following are the five most commonly present pests found in US homes.


Ants are the number one pest in US homes, and there are many species of ant to be found across America.

Ants live in colonies which means if you see one, there are potentially thousands present.

While ants are not dangerous as such, they may have been in places where bacteria are present. They then bring this into your home.

A professional exterminator will find where the ants are nesting – whether inside or outside your home – and destroy them at the source.

You will find many DIY ant extermination products in stores, but we strongly recommend you talk to the professionals as they will know the best way to rid your home of ants.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were once practically eliminated in the USA but not anymore.

Regular travel – both domestic and international – presents these tiny and irritating pests with options to move from place to place and infest your home.

They travel on clothes and baggage and will happily make a home in your bed and soft furnishings. They feed on your blood and can cause allergic reactions.


The mosquito is famed for spreading deadly diseases such as malaria, and while this is not likely in the USA, they nevertheless have a nasty bite that is unpleasant.

You don’t want Mosquitos in the home – plain and simple – and you need professional help in not only eliminating them but protecting against them. Your professional pest control company will be able to help.


Rodents take on many forms in the USA, with the most common ones being rats and mice.

Each is a potential danger in a home and may result in expensive damage.

Rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons will chew through wiring, even pipes, plus woodwork and furnishing, and need eliminating.



Perhaps the most notorious of all the household pests is the cockroach.

You will see them scurrying into dark and comfortable corners, especially where it is warm and moist, and they are very difficult to eradicate unless you call in the professionals.

So, now we know about the potential pests, let’s have a checklist that helps you decide on the right pest control company for you.

Is the Pest Control Expert Local?

If you want a pest-free home, then the best way to ensure it is to engage the services of a local pest control company.

Being local means less expense through traveling and also knowledge of the types of pests you are likely to suffer from.

Not only do they help rid your home of pests, but they will also advise how you can prevent pests in the home.

What Experience do they Have?

As for details of the Experience the local pest control company has, we all like to help out small or new businesses, but when it comes to a serious pest infestation, you need people who can deal with it professionally, efficiently, and with the most success.

A good pest control customer will be happy to talk about Experience.

Do They Deal In Your Specific Pests?

Make sure the company you talk to is willing to deal with the pests that are causing your problem. If possible, choose one that is expert in the pest you need eradicating.

What Techniques do they Use?

Ask what techniques the pest control company uses as you need to be sure that your home remains pet-friendly, for example, following the eradication of your pests.

Some pests need chemical treatment so ask about the technique.

Do they Come Recommended?

Finally, if you are having difficulty deciding upon a pest control company, ask around friends, family, and colleagues, and check the customer testimony on the website.

There is a lot to be said for a personal recommendation for an important service such as this.

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